At 2Win!, we help individuals build meaningful connections that inspire change throughout their career. Our leadership team doesn’t follow or model our training programs after competitors or training industry pundits. We INNOVATE. Our innovation is derived through a set of Core Values: Inspire, Enable, Empower, and Inclusivity.

As sales funnels become lean in softening economic conditions, it is imperative to win every opportunity possible. Even strong sales funnels have little room for losses at any stage in the sales process. We’re dedicated to helping companies move the needle to the right in big, exciting ways. Our programs provide concrete tactics to presales and sales team members which help them develop confidence and grow revenue right away.

We’ve developed our strategies over years of transforming the most innovative and successful companies in the world.

We adapt our programs to meet the needs of clients all over the globe. We’ve seen global application and success. We understand that the quality of a skills program is judged by its impact, and our clients consistently see increased sales effectiveness as a direct impact of their investment in our programs.


Dan Conway

President, Partner & CEO

Dan is a dynamic, energetic, and seasoned executive with a solid background in managing technology organizations such as yours. Dan understands that the result of successful skill development is an immediate improvement to your win-rate, bookings, and revenue.

Bob Riefstahl

Founder, P​artner, & Author

Bob founded 2Win! on the simple concept that if we focus on more than best practices and correct our bad practices (as Bob calls them, “Crimes”), then we separate ourselves from the competition. Bob is a thoughtful, practical senior executive with love for research and writing.

Ron Kendig

Ron Kendig

VP Facilitation and Consulting

High energy and enthusiastic individual managing our Facilitation and Delivery Team. Ron’s world-wide team of Facilitators and Master Coaches address today’s changing market by helping students lift their soft skills helping them differentiate and engage effectively in any environment.

Chad Wilson

VP Curriculum

Bright, quick, and listens to YOU, the Customer. Chad has taken the 2Win! curriculum to the next level by creating incredible content that impacts the lives and careers of pre-sales, sales, and client success professionals. His curriculum helps technology companies clearly communicate the value of their products and services in a way that inspires prospects to convert and customers to renew.

John Coker

VP Worldwide Sales

John has a passion for coaching and helping others reach their personal and professional goals. He believes that his basketball career at Boise State University, with 4 NBA teams, and in his first software sales role, he was blessed with great teammates, coaches, leaders, and mentors that helped push and mold him into a leader.

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