We are a growing idea company that has built a deep set of actionable techniques and strategies derived from years of working with the most innovative and successful companies in the world. If one of the positions below fits your background, you want to work in a fun & collaborative atmosphere, and are a self-starter (also the laughing thing, we are big on that here)…give us a shout!

Who is 2Win!?

2Win! is a training services and technology firm that helps our clients win more business. We have a WOW culture. We expect our clients to say “WOW, that was really impactful” after every engagement they have with 2Win!…and they do. We expect our team members to say “WOW, this is a wonderful place to work!” and “WOW, there is a lot of opportunity to grow at 2Win!”…and they do.

Who are 2Win! clients?

2Win! clients consist of companies across the software and technology industry. These are company names you have definitely heard of, companies that are changing the landscape of every industry in the world with their software and technology.

What types of training services does 2Win! provide?

2Win! offers training services to help sales and pre-sales professionals in software companies execute more effectively during key customer interactions in the sales process. Our flagship training program, Demo2Win!, helps professionals who demonstrate their software or technology to their customers do so in a more compelling, engaging, and differentiating manner. Beyond Demo2Win!, 2Win! offers a suite of training programs that are designed to transform the way that our customers engage with their clients.

What types of technology does 2Win! provide?

2Win! is a thought leader at the forefront of changes that are happening with buyers and sellers across business. Our innovative new SaaS platform is designed to transform the way that buyers and sellers engage. This is an opportunity for the right sales candidate to get in at a perfect time!

Who should apply for the various types of sales jobs currently available at 2Win!?

  • Seasoned software or services sales professionals who desire to work with large global software companies, and who understand how to sell solutions to organizations that have complex buying structures. Candidates should understand the current dynamics in the software and technology industry and how current industry trends are changing the way software is sold and the way it is bought. Candidates should possess Challenger type skills and be adept at using technology, social selling, and creativity to help drive and grow business. Ability to work out of a home/virtual office.
  • High potential candidates with some software or technology sales experience who want to take their career to the next level. Candidates should be able to learn quickly, have excellent communication skills, be able to work in a highly collaborative environment, and possess a strong drive to be able to sell and exceed quota. Candidates should either be able to work out of our Colorado Springs or Tacoma, WA office, or be able to demonstrate prior success working out of a home/virtual office.
  • Recent college graduates who possess an aptitude to be effective in a fast paced business environment, a hunger to succeed in sales, a willingness to learn and adapt quickly, and an ability to work out of our Colorado Springs or Tacoma, WA office.

What else should I know about these jobs?

2Win! has several openings for full-time positions, all with competitive pay and benefits. As we continue to grow, 2Win! is also open to talking with candidates about contractor sales positions selling in a specific geography, or to a specific vertical market.

All applicants, regardless of position level, will be asked to…

  • Meet or exceed your targeted sales quota.
  • Aggressively prospect to new and existing customers to build pipeline and reach targeted pipeline goals.
  • Maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism with prospects, clients, and colleagues
  • Understand and be able to effectively articulate the description and value proposition around the 2Win! portfolio.
  • Model 2Winl best practices in all sales communications with clients and prospects.
  • Participate in ongoing training programs designed to help you achieve sales excellence.
  • Develop strong relationships with your clients in order to help drive ongoing business.
  • Ensure necessary steps are taken through sales process to maximize quality delivery and results.
  • Communicate effectively with members of the 2Win! team in order to drive client success, your success, and 2Win! success.
  • Manage and maintain critical account information in CRM.

If one of these descriptions sounds like you, drop us a line, we want to talk to you!