We’re obsessed with giving you the specific training you need to win. We help all members of sales teams with specialized courses that are laser-focused on giving you the tools you need to dominate in your role.

Become a Pre-Sales Detective

“Now I deliver a demo that speaks to every stakeholder’s need from individual contributor to Senior Executive.”

Train yourself on how to uncover the emotional and value triggers driving prospect’s decisions and tailor presentations and demos that drive more sales.

Become Memorable through Storytelling

“Our product is really fast.” “It’s like flying from New York to LA in three minutes.”

A bad story can stall a great demo. But a great story can build an instant connection and drive home an undeniable benefit. Train yourself how to tell stories that sell.

Become a Customer’s Companion

“My work was completely reimagined. Now I don’t just retain customers, I’ve become a strategic partner.”

Train yourself to develop valuable relationships with customers that turn into greater opportunities. Stop rescuing revenue and start growing it.

“It was the best training I’ve ever taken It changed my career and my life. 20 years later I still have my ‘So What?’ card and every chance I get I sit in on a 2Win! session at Microsoft ”

Ben Vollmer, Global Dynamics 365 Director | Microsoft