There is no question about it: Business Development Reps (BDRs) are the backbone of any successful organization. They are responsible for generating new leads, following up on leads that went cold, building relationships with preview customers, and once they’ve moved a prospect from a ‘Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)’ to a ‘Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)’, they are responsible for the handoff to the sales rep. It’s A LOT. It’s tedious and time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be. Learn to confidently lead insightful conversations, understand the buyer’s motivation, and quickly determine the likelihood hood of a sales opportunity. Go beyond playing the numbers game, and pinpoint real, high-quality leads.


Improve Inbound

When a prospect contacts your organization, are you confident your business or sales-development rep knows the best way to drive every prospect conversation? We’ll teach them the right questions to ask, the right way, so they can quickly determine if there is a sales opportunity and persuade them to take the next step with your sales team.

Engaging Outbound

I saw you attended our webinar. Would you like more information?

Have you ever received a call or email like this? There is absolutely no insight or point of view in this opening statement. We’ll teach your teams to begin with an insightful leading question that allows them to determine the initial buying motivations of a prospect.

Better Handoffs

Does your team tailor the transition when a prospect moves from business development to a sales conversation or demo? We’ll ensure your BDRs, Sales Reps, and Presales team members share a common understanding of the prospect so you can be more persuasive and quickly qualify the lead in or out.

#1 Demo Training

You work hard for every lead. When one of those leads asks for a “quick demo,” you need to know that your demo will move the deal forward every time! Demo2Win will show you how to be ready at a moment’s notice to deliver a motivating demo and help you turn more prospects into leads.

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Create a strong connection with prospects right out of the gate! Use storytelling techniques to lead insightful conversations and confidently gain trust with potential clients.

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Build confidence in your ability to perform sales Discovery on your first interaction with a prospect. Ask the right questions, the right way, to determine quickly if there is a sales opportunity and use what you learned in a quick overview demo of your solution.

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Winning With Executives

Learn how to identify an executive’s priorities and address their needs on the very first interaction. Recognize an executive’s “mode” of interaction and pivot to align with their personality in the course of a conversation. Allowing you to position your solution for executive sponsorship to accelerate your lead to the next stage in the sales cycle.

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Sales Kickoff

Give your BizDev pros the opportunity to learn quick tips on prospect Discovery and overview Demos that promise to have an immediate impact on their success. Watch as they laugh their way through our presentation of crimes (mistakes) most often made in BizDev and how they can apply changes that immediately impact their outcomes.

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The whole experience was awesome. I have sat through SPIN selling and other trainings. By far, this was the best!

Mike Rivera | Business Development Rep | Ministry Brands