Client success professionals have an incredibly challenging role. They have to please the customers, expand their use of the solutions, and ensure renewals and account expansion. You’re watching money fly out the door if you aren’t keeping customers happy, engaged, and wanting more. We’ll train your team to go beyond retention and grow revenue through exceptional client support.


Shift Your Mindset

A sales process doesn’t end with client success, it starts all over again. Our techniques will make sure you not only keep customers, you expand your partnership with them.

Get Buy In

Create a connection with clients that goes beyond annual renewal. We’ll help you constantly discover more about a customer’s needs and connect those needs to executive impact to deepen relationships and further client commitment to your product.

Grow the Pipeline

Don’t just rescue revenue, grow it. Leverage your client rapport to create opportunities for further integration into your services. You’ll transform the sales pipeline, and everyone wins.

#1 Demo Training

Demos led by Client Success professionals address a broad spectrum of goals. Learn how your demos will improve product utilization, manage client value drivers, and connect with individual contributors to senior executives leading to renewals, license expansion, and cross-selling solutions.

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Building strong bonds with existing clients is crucial. Contracts are shorter than ever before, and everyone is looking for the best deal. Learn how storytelling can help create strong bonds and keep them wanting more!

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Discovery never stops when you’re in Client Success. Learn Discovery strategies and techniques that will help you understand your client’s desired outcomes at all levels of their organization and build a plan to help them achieve those outcomes.

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Winning With Executives

Learn how to engage executives in your client business reviews by uncovering their strategic initiatives and goals, then connecting your solutions to their desired outcomes. This powerful workshop will secure renewals, expand licensing, and establish a consistent conduit to the executive suite.

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Sales Kickoff

Your Client Success professionals know they need to penetrate deeper into all levels of a client, but how? Energize and motivate your team with a keynote that will deliver skills and strategies they can use to achieve personal and company goals.

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"2Win! gives you the power to completely change the trajectory of a client conversation."

Client Success Executive | Adobe