Revolutionize your teaching style and take control over your virtual classroom. Finally, teachers can transform their virtual classrooms and increase student engagement! All from their own home!


Stay Connected

A physical barrier between you and your students doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. With online learning, there are creative ways to interact. Take this as an opportunity to connect with students in a whole new way.


Keeping students engaged with an online platform might seem impossible! But with the insight you’ll receive from this course, you’d be surprised at how engaging a virtual classroom can be!

Melt away your anxiety

Leading a virtual classroom doesn’t have to be fraught with technical issues and burn-out. We feel you. Let us show you how to prepare for the inevitable technical snafus and bring energy and enjoyment to this new learning environment.

For students to benefit from remote learning- teachers must be engaging and able to effectively deliver any kind of content. This class provides that essential skill set and is a must for all educators. The lessons are short, easily digestible and demonstrate the best practices for distance learning- regardless of what you teach. This is the Distance Learning 101 all of us should take before we take other professional development classes that focus on content and pedagogy.

Sandra Elliott, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer, TouchMath

Comprehensive Guide for Virtual Teaching!