Pre-sales teammates are more than just traffic cops for demos. They are the foundation for sales success. The unsung heroes of a thriving pipeline. We train presales professionals to become valuable detectives that set your whole team up to win.


Become a Detective

What does a win look like for your prospective client? It’s your team’s job to find out. We’ll teach them to ask the right questions the right way to discover all of the potential opportunities and gaps.

Find Pain Points

Master the discovery process and uncover a prospect’s pain points even when they don’t know what they are. Your team will present your product as the perfect solution for their challenges.

Differentiation Beyond Product

Your product has features that set it apart from others. Your pre-sales approach should set you apart too. Go beyond a great product and help your company stand out to stakeholders.

Open Workshops

Join us in open, in-person and virtual workshops that train your team to give better tech demos, become storytellers, and discover more ways to win.

Explore Our Workshops

Business Development Role

Convert more targets to pipeline by optimizing every prospect encounter through improved Discovery, objection handling, overview demo, and storytelling skills designed for Business Development.

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Sales Roles

Improve your pipeline efficiency and achieve your revenue target with services personalized for account executives that the best Discovery, sales demo, storytelling, and executive engagement skills.

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Client Success Roles

Programs that are purpose-built for Client Success professionals that will maximize product utilization, subscription renewals, and expand your revenue footprint through improved Discovery, demo, storytelling, and executive engagement skills.

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Transform your team with the #1 bestselling PreSales curriculum in the world! Help them improve Discoveries, deliver powerful demos and tell stories that move a client from curiosity to belief.

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Elevate every leader’s group dynamics with tools and consulting that move your coaching from subjective to objective. Improve a leader’s internal and external influence and transform your managers into leaders that drive results.

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"2Win's approach was brilliant and absolutely solidifies in my mind that this is the right way to do things. I have sat through countless hours of demonstrations in my prior life and they’re as boring as reading the dictionary out loud. This approach just works."

Sarah Paul, Product Specialist Team Manager | Skyward