Pre-sales teammates are more than just traffic cops for demos. They are the foundation for sales success. The unsung heroes of a thriving pipeline. We train presales professionals to become valuable detectives that set your whole team up to win.


Become a Detective

What does a win look like for your prospective client? It’s your team’s job to find out. We’ll teach them to ask the right questions the right way to discover all of the potential opportunities and gaps.

Find Pain Points

Master the discovery process and uncover a prospect’s pain points even when they don’t know what they are. Your team will present your product as the perfect solution for their challenges.

Differentiation Beyond Product

Your product has features that set it apart from others. Your pre-sales approach should set you apart too. Go beyond a great product and help your company stand out to stakeholders.

#1 Demo Training

There is a reason why Demo2Win continues to be the global leader in teaching PreSales professionals how to differentiate their solutions and secure the technical win! Learn how to capture the minds of every type of stakeholder with demo strategies and techniques that will differentiate you, your company, and your solutions.

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Skillfully learn how to use storytelling to connect your solution to the clients’ pain points. Storytelling techniques are the foundation of motivating demos, Discoveries calls, and executive interactions.

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Secure the technical win with winning Discovery strategies and techniques! No longer rely on what your salesperson considers as “Discovery.” In this fast start workshop, you’ll learn the skills and strategies you need to uncover every stakeholder’s needs, from individual contributor to senior executive.

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Winning With Executives

A salesperson scheduled you for a critical demo with a significant prospect. What should be the executive message? How do you identify and support the executive’s initiatives in your demo? Learn the answers and skills you need to answer these questions and more in this insightful workshop!

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Sales Kickoff

Inject some fun and deep value into your PreSales team with a keynote from the global leader in PreSales skills and strategies. Our keynotes will be a catalyst for self-deprecating behavior examples (“demo crimes”) and the fundamental skills that eliminate them. Check out our variety of keynote topics to start your year out with technical wins!

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"2Win's approach was brilliant and absolutely solidifies in my mind that this is the right way to do things. I have sat through countless hours of demonstrations in my prior life and they’re as boring as reading the dictionary out loud. This approach just works."

Sarah Paul, Product Specialist Team Manager | Skyward