Rule of 24! 

If selling your solution involves a demonstration or presentation, then you are seeing a change, aren’t you?  Chances are, you no longer have the luxury of spending an afternoon in a conference room to deliver your presentation.

Times are compressed, clients want answers NOW, and you need to ensure you have the tools and techniques to Bridge the Gap between your buyer’s expectations and your solution.

Once upon a time, you had weeks or days to provide your client with a demo or with the information necessary to drive them to a decision. Suddenly you had opportunities that only afforded you 24 hours, or, in many cases, 24 minutes! How do you feel about a future where buyers dictate demos in as little as 2.4 seconds?!

We call this “Rule of 24” – It’s a massive shift where buyer’s are expecting (sans, demanding) product information and demos immediately. With this level of disruption, sellers and organizations need a way to quickly fill buyer demands while still managing control of messaging and influence. Organizations that successfully navigate Rule of 24 are embracing the creation of effective, high-quality demo videos built with 2Win!’s winning content development methodology.  These winning organizations combine their demo video content with 2Win! Bridge, a demo video automation platform, as a key component in their Rule of 24 execution strategy.

The B2B demo world has changed. Let 2Win! help you exploit this change by leveraging 2Win! video creation, training and consulting services combined with the only Demo Video Automation platform designed specifically for complex, B2B sales where the perfect balance can be made between buyer demands and seller influence.

“Those who use video are growing revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.” – Aberdeen Group

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Engage with All Key Stakeholders

 2Win! Bridge

Say hello to 2Win! Bridge.  Your pre-sales and sales teams need to have a vehicle to deliver an engaging Demo Video that captures the viewer’s attention and allows you to compress the traditional process of demo delivery.

With 2Win! Bridge, your team can quickly build and share a personalized Demo Video playlist with your contact, often referred to as the “mobilizer” in your client’s organization.

Oh and by the way… is this key contact always the ONLY decision maker? Probably not. Why not give your contact an easy way to share what they receive within their organization, mobilizing all the key stakeholders.

2Win! Bridge helps both the pre-sales/sales team and your client’s decision-making team share and access the critical information needed to drive the sale forward.

“74% of executives choose a vendor who can create and deliver on a vision.” – Forrester Research

Demo Video Creation Bridge Content Library

So you have recognized the changing market dynamics and you have access to a great way to share your Demo Videos. The next question is; how are your Demo Videos serving you and your client? Are they engaging and memorable? Is your message communicated with clarity and relevance? Is it driving a value-based message? Got you thinking didn’t we…

Who better than the world leader in Demonstration and Presentation training to provide a set of services that do just that – Produce Demo Videos that are unique, differentiating and resonate with your customer.  Demo Video Creation is our specialty. By adapting Demo2Win’s industry-leading techniques for use in a video format, 2Win! can assist you in building effective demo videos.

2Win! Bridge…powered by Demo2win! Methodology

“Companies who apply video strategically had an average of 65% better conversion rates than those who use video sparingly.” – Aberdeen Group

 Leveraging Videos

Now the question is…where do you use your Demo Videos? 2Win! Coaching and Services is included as part of the total 2Win! Bridge Solution.  We’ll personally show your associates how and when to use Personal and Demo Videos for different prospects at the right stage in the sales cycle.

As an example, let’s say there is an opportunity for you to set the stage with your client prior to a live engagement or to provide follow-up post presentation.

How many times have you heard, “Oh thanks that was a fantastic demo and I am going to carry that message to the entire team as we make our decision”. Do you really want to rely on that Mobilizer to carry YOUR message? With the simple action of sharing a Demo Video playlist, your mobilizer is now armed with the content you want delivered!

“73% of respondents are more likely to make a purchase after watching video.” – Source: Animoto Survey of 1,024 Adults

Viewing Engagement Insights

Engagement Insights for Video Shares

As a leader, you want to ensure that your team is leveraging Demo Videos to move clients to a point of decision.  As an individual contributor, having the ability to contact your client regarding their key areas of interest based on the videos they viewed is a great way to have an insightful conversation.

The 2Win! Bridge solution gives you a powerful Engagement Insights tool that let’s you see exactly which videos are being viewed, how long they are being viewed, if they are being shared and the viewing insights for those shared videos.  You will even be able to determine which Demo Videos are resonating, which may need some “tweaking”, and what they really care about.

“57 percent of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier.” – CEB


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Solutions Specialist, SunGard K-12
Without question, Digital Content is a rapidly growing requirement driving software sales. With our trusted partner 2Win! Global, we've created a technical sales culture grounded on Demo2Win! methodology. Building on this foundation, we're now able to quickly build authentic, impactful videos that are already showing us measurable results in shortening sales cycles and engaging all of the relevant stakeholders who weigh in on the buying decision. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

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Buyer's can customize their experience
Player works on any device
Dynamic playlist video reordering
Unlimited video uploading
Unlimited custom URL creation
Unlimited categories and nesting of categories
Supports all major browsers
Instant viewing notification system
Robust viewing analytics
Global cloud hosting of video library
Global performance optimization
Automatic video encoding
Unlimited Call To Actions
Digital signature tracking of views
Video preview
Playlist preview
Personal video support
Open Analytics API
Open Marketing Automation API
HubSpot integration
Public/Private video support
Full screen support
Video quality selection
Playlist video drawer for buyers
Four day Content Creation Workshop takes place at 2Win! Headquarters in Colorado Springs USA. Includes Two (2) 'ready to deploy' videos created per team, video intention training, video capture, production and editing.
Pre-production: Translating an effective live demonstration segment into a targeted 2-4 minute capability video
Pre-production: Using a video specific adaptation of Tell – Show – Tell from Demo2Win! to communicate with clarity
Pre-production: Developing a concise script to enhance focus, intention, and clarity
Pre-production: the unique 2Win! content editing process allows students to quickly complete structural edits to ensure the message is clear, targeted, and concise. This is followed by a performance level edit to help the video talent understand how to deliver the script with the original intention and vocal inflection.
Pre-production: Learn best practices for script writing that makes screen capture and post production a breeze
Pre-production: Students will learn the 2Win! stepwise method for building an effective visual story with your software. This includes storyboarding techniques, how to connect software functionality to specific script items, how to develop your screen capture performance, and best practices on how to effectively capture screens that will look clear and drive focus in support of your script.
Production: Students will learn how to set up a functional studio on a budget. Topics include: 3 point lighting, using backgrounds for consistency, use of a teleprompter, working with camera, and controlling environment factors to ensure optimal quality.
Production: Students will receive on camera coaching from the 2Win! production team to ensure they know how to deliver their best on camera and voice over performance.
Production: Students will learn best practice screen capture and screen recording techniques and understand how to develop standards to ensure this process is fast and within quality standards.
Post-production: Students are taught advanced techniques to understand how to utilize Camtasia to edit their on camera, voiceover, screen captures, and supporting graphics into an authentic video they are proud to share.
Post-production: Techniques include: understand the Camtasia editing platform, create a first talent edit, synchronize screen capture with voiceover, add visuals support to drive focus, add audio to the timeline for a more cohesive feeling video, introduce brand standards as required by your organization.
Post-production: Students learn how to output video so that it looks great on any device, and is ready for delivery through 2Win! Bridge.
2Win! team will work with you to develop a short and long term content plan that gets you launched quickly
2Win! will consult with your team to help you develop an ongoing content creation culture
We work with your subject matter experts to capture your current messaging, make any improvements to that message to target your initial launch objectives, ensure they use the proven 2Win! methodology, and prepare your talent to deliver on camera.
Videos will fall into one of 2 categories: Product Capability or Commercial.
We teach you how to dramatically reduce the time of video creation, allowing you to build an end to end video, from script to delivery, in mere hours.

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