Demo2Win! — Open Enrollment Virtual Workshop


04/01/2020 - 12/31/2020
All Day



Demo2Win!® is a total solution for preparing and executing a winning software or technical demonstration. Unlike other training companies that only focus on big-bang openings and closings to demos or messaging, we provide you with skills strategies that you’ll find essential throughout the demo. Key benefits of Demo2WIN! for your team and your organization are:

  • Igniting immediate and sustainable revenue growth with creative demo and presentation strategies
  • Differentiating complex solutions in a competitive marketplace by selling value vs. features in a demo
  • Shortening sales cycles using more focused, pin-pointed demonstrations that compel a prospect to buy sooner
  • Providing a repeatable demo structure to elicit more efficient and effective demo planning and preparation
  • Increasing deal sizes by better illustrating value to the prospect throughout the demonstration
  • Reinforcing and complementing existing sales processes with strategies that produce rapid results

*Coaching Cancellation Policy: You can reschedule your one hour 1:1 coaching session more than 48 hours in advance of the session up to two times at no additional charge.  If you cancel your 1:1 one hour coaching less than 48 hours you forfeit the coaching session.

Download Workshop Agenda here.

Logistics:  Allocate about two weeks of your time to complete the video-based virtual learning and exercises.  Schedule your 1:1 virtual coaching session after that time frame.  You will be provided a link to schedule your coaching session after registration is completed.

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