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4 Ways Your Current Demo Is Losing You The Deal

Did you know the difference between winning and losing is 2%? It’s important to take a step back and evaluate yourself and your current product demos to make sure there isn’t something different you could be doing. When you walk out of that room or shut down that computer, have you done everything you could and put yourself in the most successful and promising position in order to win?

Here are some things that might end up being that minor 2% that could end up losing you the deal:

1. Reason #1 You’re Not Detailed

Are you taking the time to remember the little things? Little things make ALL the difference. For example, getting the names of the people you are presenting to. Especially in a web session where things feel a little less personal than in person.

2. Reason #2 You’re Not Focused 

Is your mind in the right place? It’s important to be focused on your audience vs. focusing on yourself. When you focus on them and their perspective and needs, you’ll perform even better.

3. Reason #3 You’re Not Credible 

Building up your credibility before your demo is super important and one of the first things you should do before you even start delivering your demo (read more about how to do this here).

4. Reason #4 You Didn’t Role-Play

Role-playing is an imperative part to preparing for your demo. Taking this time to get into character, and going through a live action role-play with a member on your team will help you vet out any possible missteps or miscommunication before your demo even starts.

Make sure that you aren’t the reason you’re losing deals. Utilizing proven demo techniques is essental in taking home that W, and your competition taking the L. 


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