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How Executives Can Use Personalized Video to Drive Change in Their Own Organization

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AdobeStock_127620775.jpegVideo is a powerful tool in modern business for so many reasons, including its ability to affect culture change and bring everyone together on a shared vision.

We have already covered the ability of sales video content to convert C-suite contacts, but the same cloud video solutions can empower internal initiatives while connecting employees of all levels. By sending out ongoing video missives, executives can efficiently touch base with every employee in order to get important work done.

Our 2Win! Bridge video hosting platform can enable these tasks while granting the following benefits:

Deliver Updates That Actually Get Checked

Psychology observes that we start to ignore things that become too familiar. This natural tendency extends to gradually seeing daily or weekly “update” emails in our inbox. Because of the familiarity of the text, our eyes tend to glaze over the materials, making emails gradually go from barely read to never-opened.

With videos, people have a much more active range of stimuli to engage with. Rather than staring at black letters on a white background, we have people we know and are familiar with speaking directly to the camera with their own voice. Music and visual aids can also accompany the videos, providing for a partially emotional experience in addition to an informative one.

Over time, you will notice more consistent opt-in. Since company updates are vital for informing strategy and helping people adjust their behavior, consistency and strategic planning can improve as more people watch your videos.

Monitor Views and Engagement Stats Through the Robust Analytics of Our Cloud Video Hosting Solution

2Win! Bridge allows administrators to view and monitor engagement statistics. When sending videos to clients, you can gauge your ability to draw in clicks and shares.

When sending videos to your staff, the same analytics can provide accountability. You get to know who actually watched the video and for how long. When it comes to sending important updates, thought leadership, and strategy to your management teams, making sure that those in leadership roles actually watch your videos can become an important facet of developing a unified company culture.

Connect with Your Employees

As mentioned above, having an executive appear in front of the camera and speak in their own voice is a far more impressionable experience than reading text that may or may not have been written by them.

Not only can the words you say within these videos affect positive change and inspire employees, but because it is coming directly from you, you can foster connections with your audience. Having your employees feel as if they are engaged in a personable relationship with you can help them be more honest during interactions while preventing resentment that can often grow under disconnected — or invisible — leadership.

Improve Your Video Production Skills

Minor weekly video updates can be relatively quick to write, produce, and send. As you may have already experienced, the more you do something, the better you get at it. If you are producing 52 small videos a year, you have therefore gained skills and expertise with producing videos in general that can translate to improved outward communications.

Explore all of these benefits and more by taking a look at our 2Win! Bridge cloud video hosting solution.


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