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How To Weaponize Your Sales Team

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When it comes to meeting your sales goals, failure is the enemy. The only way to protect against failure is to attack it head on with aggressively proactive strategies that upskill your team while kicking their motivation into high gear.

What follows are some of the most effective methods we know for getting the results you want and ensuring that your team can strike hard and take no prisoners:

Provide Tools That Enable Sales Success

Your sales team needs materials that can benefit them before they begin a sale as well as materials they can present a prospect to help them clinch a sale. These materials now also include informative online content that can often allow leads to nurture themselves as they raise their knowledge on a deliverable and become interested in its benefits.

When looking to content to help smooth along critical sections of your sales funnel, pay close attention to the platform you use to host the content. For instance, 2Win! Bridge’s sales video hosting platform allows reps to share content with prospects that is short, unique and personalized. Unlike platforms like YouTube, you can also control the experience to weed out the possibility of suggested videos bringing your leads off track — or into the arms of competitors.

Our own sales team uses 2Win! Bridge to also monitor viewing statistics, shares, and other critical metrics that can help them strategically improve the nurturing process.

Give Them the Sales Education Resources They Need to Succeed

No salesperson can revolutionize the industry on their own. Instead, they must learn from thought leaders and the latest best practices that are proven to bring sales success. Ongoing education also keeps a sales rep’s mind engaged, constantly questioning and reformulating their approach rather than entrenching themselves in one inflexible strategy.

To help upskill representatives and set them on the path for continuing education, we recommend our Demo2Win! sales demonstration course, our SalesTeam2Win! sales teamwork building workshop or any of our other ongoing open workshops, including our popular Perform2Win! course.

Through these courses and others like it, your team can continually build on their existing skills while shedding bad habits that prevent them from closing critical deals.

Work on Communication and Teamwork Skills

Simple exercises can improve your team’s communication habits and group interactivity on a weekly basis without taking up too much of their time. For some fun, creative ideas, take a look at our recommended strategies for eliminating sales stage fright, including techniques used by improvisational groups to engage their audience.

Provide Incentives and Regular Recognition

Recognizing your sales staff is important in order to help them understand which behaviors are most commendable. At the same time, some people do not respond as expected to praise but do to material incentives. Use a healthy mix of both to encourage your staff to reach sales goals without letting excuses stand in their way.

These techniques can all hone your sales team’s skills to a razor sharp edge while making them hungry for success.

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