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How to Win More Deals With Fewer Demos

AdobeStock_68821331.jpegSoftware demonstrations are one of the most effective sales tools for sales representatives and pre-sales reps alike, but they are incredibly time consuming and therefore cost-intensive. The expense of sending someone out to do an in-person software demonstration adds up quickly as things like travel and eating out pile on, not to mention the opportunity costs of all those lost labor hours.

In order to offset these costs and still utilize the power a software demo has for clinching a sale, sales reps must ensure they take advantage of available technology and practices that maximize the effectiveness of each demo. Here are our recommendations for doing so:

Record and Send Personalized Demo Videos Using a Sales-Oriented Cloud Video Hosting Platform

Since in-between periods of travel incur much of the expense for in-person demos, eliminating these periods can significantly reduce costs and expand opportunities. Recording a video version of your software demonstration accomplishes just that, allowing you to schedule production and shooting of the demo on your own terms. Upon completion, you can release the video conveniently via a shared link. Recipients of the demo can watch it over and over again, especially if you annotate it with time stamps for key sections.

Make sure you use the right video hosting platform during this process, though. Sites like Youtube often distract with suggested videos. They also provide sparse analytical analysis that could be used to help you optimize your approach.

Our reps use our own 2Win! Bridge cloud video hosting platform, and sharing videos is easy through custom URL creation. This allows our reps to also see viewing statistics, including number of views and portions watched, from our robust dashboard tool.

Maximize the Impact and Educational Value of Each Demo through Software Demonstration Training

Sending demos via cloud video hosting platform is just one facet of improving the efficiency with which you deliver your sales demonstrations.

Whether done in-person or over a computer screen, you will want to ensure that your software demonstration can provide maximum impact for each message. You also want your biggest take-home points to be concise yet memorable.

We teach these skillsets and your team can achieve these comprehensive goals through the skills they will learn in our comprehensive Demo 2Win! software demonstration training course. By learning and practicing methods like our tell-show-tell demonstration strategy, you can relay clear and concise messaging so that your client prospect sees value in your solution the first time, negating the need for follow-up demos.

Improving Software Demos to Lessen the Burden on Pre-Sales

Let’s face it, pre-sales representatives have been taking on multiple roles as they attempt to build a market for their company’s solutions. Increasing revenue demands, scarce resources compressed margins, increased client expectations, a changing demonstration landscape and many more issues dog these departments.

By enhancing the value of each demonstration through the methods above, your pre-sales team can focus more on valuable client-vendor interactions and reduce their time spent delivering demos.

Explore any of our solutions to reduce your time spent on demos using the links found above, or contact us today using the form below to find out more. Above all else, we want your sales teams to find success!

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