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How Your Sales Team Can Stand Out From Competitors

Depositphotos_39700677_l-2015.jpgYou know your solution is different and better than your competitors’, but your prospects will never realize this unless your sales approach is also different and better. Unfortunately, messaging has gotten more and more saturated, making standing out harder than ever.


How can you team cope? The answer: thinking creatively. By taking an unconventional approach, you can immediately help your client leads remember you for what makes you different. To help your team break out of their box and differentiate you from others, they should consider adding the following tactics to their sales toolbelt:


Stand Out from Competitors by Finding Ways to Add Value to Prospects’ Lives

Part of the reason that so many companies fade into the background during the sales process lies in how impersonal their communication is. Everything is all business, business, business. And in this mode, many companies give off the distinct impression that they care more about their bottom line than the prospect’s actual needs.


You can break apart from this selfish tendency by being legitimately thoughtful. Treat clients as if they have been your colleague going way back, even if you just met a few months ago. Part of this warmth means sending gestures their way to let them know you have been thinking about them.


As an example, consider sending them an interesting article or post you read recently. The post can have some eye-opening facts, or it can simply be impressive in how well it’s been put together — the only thing that matters is that you think the lead would like it.


By sending them a piece of content you think they would enjoy, you help personalize your interactions and help them recognize that they are just not another cell on the spreadsheet to you.


Go Low-Tech

Direct mail has fallen off the face of the earth as far as many companies are concerned, which makes it ripe for a comeback. Getting things in the mail is exciting again! Whether it’s a card, a well-designed piece of promotional material or some sort of item, the burning curiosity of opening it up and seeing what’s inside is almost too much for some to bear.


Hand-written cards work especially well in this context. Some people have forgotten what their own handwriting looks like, making a letter not just a novelty but something heartfelt and special.


Three-dimensional packages are great, too, especially ingenious promotional mailers. These particular ideas are simply dazzling, although you don’t have to invest quite as much as they did to make your impact.


…Or Go High Tech

Another interesting approach is to stand out by going both high tech and low tech. For example, sharing short, personalized video content through a whitelabel cloud video solution can help you reach out to clients with a message that really stands out compared to a text email or a voicemail. Our own sales reps use our 2Win! Bridge video platform to not only share personalized content, but to queue up other company-made videos without the distraction of platforms like Youtube.


Since video connects with audiences and gets them engaged, delivering personalized messages or thought-provoking content can quickly differentiate you from competitors.


We hope these ideas have inspired you to go out there and try something new, so remember to challenge yourself to buck the same-old and make an impact on your leads!



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