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Is Your Audience Bored?

Depositphotos_10291321_l-2015Beating the Boredom Blues

Do you find that you’re having a difficult time keeping the attention of your potential clients or colleagues? Are yawns starting to replace those cherished looks of interest that used to pepper your presentations?

Try implementing the following five steps in your next meeting to bring your audience back to you for good:

Speak Less, Say More

Less is more. If you arrange for a 45 minute presentation, prepare content for 30 minutes and be finished 5 to 8 minutes early.  That five minutes is a gift to the potential client, and can be used strategically on the sales end. Take those minutes to quickly review your content, as well as offer a call to action or follow up plan.

Make the Conversation Pertinent and Personal

Gone are the days when sales meetings were simply a space to repeat a script that lacked anything more than product details and overused sales humor. The easiest way to get, and retain, the attention of those to whom you are presenting is by making the presentation (conversation) specific (VERY specific) to them, as well as their needs and expectations. Zero in on how your product can positively affect their business right out of the gate, and tell them what they will walk away with from your presentation. It is the very best way to show that you are there for them, not just to promote your product.

You’ve Got to Move It, Move It

Don’t be afraid to use all of the presentation space you’re given. It lessens the feel of a sterilized speech or proposal, and encourages a more personal interaction. Anchoring yourself to a podium or the front of the meeting space creates a divide between you and your potential client. Lessening that divide promotes the personal touch mentioned above, and will certainly work to your advantage at the end of the day.  “Untether” and engage your audience.

Mix it Up

Multimedia is your friend! While Powerpoint presentations can still have their place in some meetings, the time to be totally reliant on a non-interactive format has passed. Add games and activities that involve your potential clients in the action. A quick digital quiz or activity can get the meeting off to a fun and competitive start, especially if it’s tailored to your potential client’s desired outcome. From the more complex CRMGamified, to a more simple Kahoot or Wordle, visual elements that ask for audience or client involvement will spice up your presentation and keep the attention of even the most distracted listener. After getting their attention with these quick interactive elements, you should also employ a multitude of components to keep them engaged, such as whiteboards and flipcharts.

It is never too late to acquire, or regain, the attention and interest of those with whom you come into contact with either regularly or for the very first time. An innovative and personalized opening, followed by a variety of presentation methods will help you to stand out from the mundane majority, so have fun with it!

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