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The Power of Video


It’s becoming increasingly more common for the workplace to be remote. More and more companies are deciding to hire employees to work remotely, and such representatives are in turn sourcing business remotely.


Because of the remote nature of business now, different media have become even more important and relevant to the sales process. We have so much accessibility at our fingertips; prospecting can be done much more quickly and efficiently than in the past, but that also means there’s more competition than ever before. How can you set your company apart in the marketplace?


As many companies have learned, video sharing for sales is certainly one way to do it. Here are just a few reasons why adding video to your sales process is highly effective.


The Revolution Will Be Televised (Sort Of)


As more and more outlets focus on short-form, “Internet friendly” reading and oust longer diatribes in favor of more concise marketing content, video sharing for sales and marketing purposes continues to be on the rise. In fact, Cisco reports that 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017 will be video-based. That presents a world of opportunity for marketers, but also increasing consumer expectation: if a company doesn’t start using video—and soon—potential clients likely won’t think of it as being with the times, and thus will lose interest.


Buyers are becoming and will continue to become more used to finding sales content via video. Part of this expectation is that it makes them feel more in control during the sales process, which won’t go away. Potential clients are coming to expect a shorter sales cycle with more control. Video sharing for sales purposes is the most effective way to continue closing.


Video for the Entire Sales Process


When making a purchase decision, buyers want to be in control. Video is preferable, then, since it gives up the timeline to the consumer; they decide when to participate. It’s more transparent than ever that businesses are made of people, so consumer behavior is determining business behavior. Personal interactions are being sacrificed for the convenience of making a purchasing decision entirely online.


Thus, prospects will respond much more often—and more positively—to companies who efficiently use video throughout the entire sales process. Seeing the product they’re making a decision about in action will be a vital piece of the process from the beginning all the way through a live demo.


Establishing a Video Strategy


In order to make the most of the power of video sharing for sales and marketing purposes, marketers will hence need to establish a video strategy for the entire sales cycle. In terms of production, there are many cost effective ways to get started. Knowing where your videos are and are not working, then, is going to be key to an effective strategy. 

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