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Touch Point Ideas to Reconnect With a Client

AdobeStock_103463097.jpegClient leads are like cheap delivery pizza: they are exciting until they get cold. Suddenly, someone who has had several productive conversations with you and who ate up all the sales materials you gave them has simply stopped touching base. All your enthusiasm and positivity about closing the sale suddenly gets stale, like a leftover pizza in a half-empty box.

So how do you rekindle this mutual passion between you and your lead? You warm them back up! Like putting a slice in the microwave for a minute then letting it crisp in the oven, there are ways to get the ball rolling again on a prospect and have them move further down the sales pipeline.

The key is getting creative when you want to start the conversation back up and being patient for a response. The last thing you want to do is pester the lead or come off too strong. To help you on this endeavor, here are a few client touch point ideas for heating up a lead that has gone cold:

1. Send Some Company Content Their Way

Chances are good that your company works hard to maintain a site blog or a LinkedIn page that regularly publishes content related to your area of expertise. You can piggyback off of this hard work and add some brand prestige behind your communications by sending a blog you think a client might enjoy their way.

Great blogs and content to send include passionate thought leadership, hard-hitting statistics, eye-opening infographics and engaging video content with an educational slant. By sending content like this to the client leads, you are not only saying “I’m thinking about your needs” but also subtly communicate: “our company has original thoughts and ideas we can be proud of.”

2. Mention Something They or Their Company Has Done

Speaking of pride, people and companies both tend to be proud of their accomplishments. Modern internet tools like Twitter and LinkedIn let us wear this pride on our sleeve, where everyone can see it.

If a prospect or their company has posted something you think they are excited about or proud of, it is fair game for you to send them a compliment and some follow-up thoughts their way. Whether they just won a big award, they had a great showing at a recent trade show or the employee just got recognized for their company loyalty, those are all worth sending a shout-out the lead’s way to let them know you are still thinking about them.

You can make this shout out even more meaningful if it comes by way of a handwritten card. In a nearly all-digital age, cards stand out!

3. Send Personalized, Authentic-Feeling VideosVideo content has an innate ability to grab our interest. Something as simple as including a video in an email can boost your open rate by nearly three-fold. These videos don’t even have to be hard-hitting; they can be a professional equivalent to a “hey man, hope you’re doing well!” text in that they are short, sweet, and designed to remove any latent friction in the relationship.

At the same time, you should preface the greeting by offering some sort of value to the client lead. You can recap a piece of content you’re sending to them and why you thought they’d like it, or you could give them an update they might consider important.

Our sales reps host clips like these in our own cloud-based video hosting solution, 2Win! Bridge. This software not only lets them upload videos quickly and host them in a non-distracting environment, but you can also go ahead and queue up one or two short pieces of additional content they may find interesting. Best of all, 2Win! Bridge lets you see viewing statistics like view duration and shares, giving you information to improve your approach over time.

So what ideas do you use to re-ignite that spark between you and a prospect? We would love to hear your client touch point ideas and strategies in the comments below!

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