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Video In a Remote Working World

AdobeStock_103463097.jpegWith Internet being the preferred mode of interaction for most people these days, more and more businesses are switching to a remote workplace—people can work from anywhere and be on the clock at any moment.


Because of this switch to a more remote workplace, video is becoming increasingly more important as well. Video for marketers has become so important because it at least mimics the idea of human interaction. We have put together the following reasons why marketing professionals need to up the video game if they want to stay viable in the marketplace.


Online is the New In-Person


Think about the way you like to use social media the most: when it acts the same way as “real life,” or at least appears to. In the past, you would have had friends come over to view your photo album after you’d compiled the pictures taken on a family vacation. Nowadays, you still share your photos, but you likely do it over Facebook. It’s more convenient for everyone involved to look at pictures on their own time from the comfort of their own home—and yet, when someone comments on your cheesy family photo in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa from the comfort of their own living room that’s perhaps even across the country, it still feels personal.


Video for marketers relies on this same sense of authenticity and personal interaction. If someone were to simply consume marketing content that had no video, and no semblance of having been produced by an actual human being, how would they react to that? Since there’s no implicit human interaction, they probably wouldn’t respond very well.


Presentations that include video, on the other hand, already have a leg up because of their perceived authenticity. If a consumer can hear your voice and/or see your face as a marketer or salesperson, that interaction is perceived as personal and authentic.


Respond in Real Time


This perceived authenticity of video allows you to respond to prospect questions in real time—just like you would on a traditional sales call. Video for marketers will only continue to grow in importance simply because it is an effective replacement for in-person interaction.


With everyday technology, everyone has access to good quality video equipment essentially in their pockets, thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. At this point, marketers don’t have an excuse not to use video in the sales cycle. It’s more cost effective than ever to incorporate video into your sales process, so why not start already? Authentic looking videos are now the new trend.


Reach More Clients


If you’re interested in learning more about reaching potential buyers by video thanks to the accessibility of the remote workplace, read more about 2Win! Bridge


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