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Why is Shopping for Chairs Like Shopping for Training?

bob article chair shopping Recently I was shopping for a contemporary, accent chair online and it was overwhelming. There were hundreds of styles and choices. I thought I had the “winner” until I read the return policy. After all, what do I do if the chair looks great but feels like a medieval monolith? Well, the conditions for return were BRUTAL! They included large restocking charges plus the cost to ship it back to the retailer. Did I really want to take that chance? Nope. 

Like my online, chair-shopping experience, if you are looking for pre-sales, client success or sales training, the cost for making the wrong choice is brutal. Your organizational capital will plummet, your budget will be blown and your teams will risk continual mediocrity, or worse.

Back to my chair…as much as I HATE, HATE, HATE (too many hates?) furniture shopping in brick and mortar stores, I realized I needed to take my favorite styles and sit in them. The good news was, my online experience simplified my style choices. Sure enough, the one I liked was horribly uncomfortable! So, I went to style number two, and it felt incredible on the arse and back!

If you’re “shopping” for training, sure, #2WinGlobal has an solid selection of excellent programs. We have testimonials, case studies, workshop summaries and video examples of what and how we teach. But, how do you know our training fits your organization? Avoid the risk, embarrassment, or worse and sit in the chair of your final selections! The course doesn’t have to be the exact one you are considering any more than the fabric in a showroom needs to be the exact choice of the chair you want to buy. You simply need to know that your vendor of choice has the structure, tenants and facilitation talent you believe would drive the improvements you’re seeking. Once you’ve made your vendor selection, you should expect that vendor to interview your team members and potentially personalize the content to fit your exact specifications. That’s the final fabric of a training initiative you can proudly put your name on. 

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