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5 Exec’s Weigh In On Securing Renewal & Referral Business with Customer Success Teams

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that stellar customer service continues long after the ink has dried on the dotted line. In sales, it isn’t abnormal for communication to falter, slow down, or even cease after the deal has been closed.

Ron Kendig, 2Win!’s VP of Consulting, understands that the pace set for sales makes it difficult to be attentive to newly acquired customers. “Let’s face it things move fast in today’s B2B environment. We are often onto the next deal just as the previous is finalized. Don’t underestimate the power of the referral, as a positive reference is still one of the most powerful buyer motivators. Keeping in touch with your customer can be key to developing your customer into a raving fan.”

John Coker, 2Win! Global’s Director of Sales, points out that the “true customer experience” starts after the deal is closed.  ”A great customer experience is truly differentiating, and will drive long term mutually beneficial partnerships that lead to expanded revenue opportunities, renewals, and referrals.” So what constitutes a true customer experience?

Daniel Conway,  CEO of 2Win! points out that, “people often forget that clients are hyper sensitive to how, or if, they are treated differently after they sign the contract. “They deserve 5-star service before and after ink from every individual that touches a customer.”


Staying Connected to Your Client

2Win!’s Director of Client Success, Taunya Bunte, has two phrases engrained in her team. T+30 and T-12. “T+30 is my phrase for anyone that signs up for a 30 day trial from us. As an organization, we want that trial customer to receive something of value from us at regular intervals during those 30 days.” She goes on to say that “T-12 is how we view service and intellectual property delivery for each of the twelve months of their subscription. We don’t want to be in month 12 racing to provide last-minute value to a customer that is coming up on renewal. They should experience value throughout the whether that’s just a quick email, a phone call, or a more formal status meeting.” In the age of “auto-renew” contracts, it is easy to offer minimal service and communication, but you will be doing the client, and your team, a disservice. With regular communication, you’ll have multiple chances to prove the value of your services & solution, set timeframes and expectations for renewal, all while deepening the relationship.

Beyond the renewal, receiving a customer referral is natural when you’ve provided regular value throughout the contract period.  Ms. Bunte stands firm with Dale Carnegie, who noted that 91% of customers said they’d give referrals when prompted to do so, yet only 11%  of client-facing personnel ask for them. “Remember,” says Bunte, “you will rarely receive a referral you don’t ask for.”

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