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5 Tips To Close Those Final Deals Before The Holidays

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As a sales rep at this point in Q4, you are either scrambling to push those final deals in before the holiday to earn that bonus commission, hoping to earn some extra cash for that wish list item you’ve been dreaming about–or perhaps you need them to make your overall numbers.  Or maybe you’re the rep that is already settled for Q4 and pre-planning for next year (if so, stay tuned for our next article about pre-planning). If you happen to be trying to drive those last deals in, then read below for a few tips to make sure you dont make any mistakes that could cost you the deal.


Tip #1 Be Relentless

Sounds basic, but be in the mindset of not taking “no” for an answer. This needs to be done in a balanced manor of course, you dont want to put unecessary and unfair pressure on your potential customer, & that kind of pressure could end up working against you. Also, your customers can smell your desperation, and it will make them uneasy. Ask yourself what exactly it’s going to take to get this deal over the finish line, and make an extensive list. Talk with your deal coach, come up with a detailed plan to make sure you’re doing all you can and taking all necessary steps. 

Tip #2 Make it Easy 

Have you made this super easy for your customer to make this decision? Have you explained the situation and process to them clearly? In some cases depending on your industry, your customer hasn’t had to make a decision about any new kind of product/software in a matter of years and may be unfamiliar with the steps needed, and the entire process may seem daunting to them. Simplify it for them. 

Tip #3 Work For Your Customer

As a standard part of the sales process, are you helping your customer to discover why your product is the answer to all of their problems and why? Work with them, and make sure you’re covering all of their needs. This is not the time to skip any steps in your sales process.

Tip #4 Anticipate

Anticipate their next steps, and all of the things that could go wrong. During the holidays the people you may need to get this deal signed may not be available. Talk this through with your customer, find out who their back up signature authority is, get everything lined up, and anticipate any missteps so that you have back up plans ready. 

Tip #5 Give an Incentive 

What’s in it for your customer to get this deal signed before December ends? If it seems easier for them to tackle this project after the new year, they will. Maybe you can explain to them that you have 10 other projects lined up for January and if they wait to sign, they wont be able to get started with their product set up until February. Maybe there are discounts associated around the holidays, or incentives in the contract that expire this year. 

Having an extensive strategy and back up plan with your final deals will eliminate even the smallest of errors and oversights that could cost you your bonus or worse, your number. Ask for help if you need it, gather whatever resources you can, and think out side of the box. Stay tuned for our next article about setting up your Q1 so you have a strong and powerful plan for the next year. 


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