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Awareness of Common Web Presenting Mistakes

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As the workplace is changing, so is the sales presentation; more and more buyers prefer web presentations to traditional in-person sales presentations. They seemingly put the buyer in control, allowing them to access a webinar or web presentation on their own time, from the comfort of their desktop.


This new buyer-controlled marketplace offers many opportunities for sales professionals; you get to find new and creative ways to appeal to potential customers, and an excellent web presentation can be truly impressive. However, as with any sales presentation, web presenting comes with its own rule of conduct and etiquette. There are plenty of possible web presenting mistakes for you to make. Read on to learn how best to avoid web presenting mistakes, so you do not put your sale in jeopardy.


Not Understanding Your Audience


A web presentation necessitates that screens are separating you and the buyer, but that does not mean it is any less personal. You still need to do your research and know as much about them and why they need your product as possible. Connect with them prior to the presentation through multiple different avenues, such as social media and pre-presentation surveys. Have a web presentation ready specific to their industry. If you have had success with web presentations before, ask those clients what appealed to them and what did not during your presentation and use that feedback as constructive criticism.


Poor Etiquette from Team Members


As the presenter, you are sure to be on time to your web presentation, but many of the most common web presenting mistakes happen when you have to depend on other team members’ to show up to help present different parts. If someone on your end shows up late, for example, and you are left stalling for time until he or she shows up for their part, it makes you look bad. The buyer on the other end of the presentation may only be interacting with you through a computer screen, but they still have a business day to get back to; do not waste their time by being even the slightest bit unprepared.


Being Unprepared (or Underprepared) with Tech


Many buyers will be unfamiliar with the technology you use during your web presentation; you need to be completely prepared to walk them through the process. Even though what you are selling may not be directly related to web presentation software, knowing exactly how to fix minor problems along the way to run a smooth web presentation puts you in the role of expert that you want and need to be in. To avoid issues that may arise with your remote presentation software, run through it several times with a coworker to make sure everything will go according to plan when it is time to present.


Video Presenting for Sales Purposes


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