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Winning With Executives

Want to be able to walk into the C-Suite with confidence? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our Winning with Executives blogs are built around empowering you in executive interactions. Ditch the imposture syndrome and enter the C-suite knowing you were meant to be there.

How to Lead Any Executive Conversation Like a Pro


I remember it like it was yesterday. I designed a personnel restructuring and hiring plan for my organization to help us scale to meet the requirements being placed on us by our latest PE investor. I had gone over the details and gained the support of Sue, my executive sponsor. She then invited me to present the plan to the senior leadership team. I always considered her a collaborative and amiable leader. For example, she told me the board had been briefed and supported the plan. However, she went on to say that the board had a few questions about the project before providing their final approval. After Sue’s guidance, I believed I was well prepared for the presentation and meeting.  

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How Does Basketball Translate Into Winning with Executives?

In light of a thrilling NBA championship win by the Milwaukee Bucks and what will likely be the most competitive Olympic basketball competition in history, we sat down with our very own John Coker, who played high-level collegiate and professional basketball with the Phoenix Suns. John is the Vice President of Sales at 2Win! Global. In our conversation, John broke down his experience as a professional athlete and how he translated lessons learned on the court into the world of Sales with high-level executives.

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5 Exec’s Weigh In On Securing Renewal & Referral Business with Customer Success Teams

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that stellar customer service continues long after the ink has dried on the dotted line. In sales, it isn’t abnormal for communication to falter, slow down, or even cease after the deal has been closed.

Ron Kendig, 2Win!’s VP of Consulting, understands that the pace set for sales makes it difficult to be attentive to newly acquired customers. “Let’s face it things move fast in today’s B2B environment. We are often onto the next deal just as the previous is finalized. Don’t underestimate the power of the referral, as a positive reference is still one of the most powerful buyer motivators. Keeping in touch with your customer can be key to developing your customer into a raving fan.”

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Reach Stakeholders & Accelerate Deals

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Capture-1.pngWe’ve all been faced with the various challenges that slow down the progression of our deals. Not reaching all the decision makers with a clear and consistent message has been one of my biggest pains when working a sales opportunity. It reminds me of the telephone game…The message gets lost in translation as it migrates from the original source to the last person in the group.

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