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Create Unique Videos For Sales Acceleration

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So many consumers are tired of getting caught up in the same sales routine yet still embrace informative, eye-opening content. If your organization can migrate away from hard-pitches and personal points of cold contact in favor of engaging sales video content, you will find that leads not only tend to nurture themselves, they actually enjoy doing it.

By the time they are ready to move to the next step of the funnel and speak to a representative, they will be more knowledgeable about their problem as well as your solution and how it benefits them. The end result is an easier, more-comfortable sale with better positive recall and less effort spent by sales staff overall.

With these advantages in mind, you can start to craft unique sales with the following tips:

Find Examples You Enjoy
Your first step is to get inspired by finding examples of other informative online videos that you enjoy. Learn how to sail, how to take better photos, or how to achieve sales acceleration, and take note of the video aspects you end up enjoying most.

Let these enjoyable videos help you craft your own creative angle when developing sales video content alongside the best practices and sales strategies you already employ.

Give People Materials to Self-Educate
In the process of researching other informative videos, you may have realized that self-directed education is fun and engaging. Embrace this enthusiasm and spread it to your own audience.

With this education-focus in mind, you can craft videos that offer an in-depth look at the problems and pain points your prospects are most familiar with. Give the background on why telecomm services can be so overpriced, for instance, or how customer retention management systems work on a bare bones level.

Always remember to tell more than you sell, and leave the product pitches fairly open-ended at the earlier stages of the process. The more interesting and universally engaging your videos are, the more they can help “sell themselves” through viral shares and repeat views.

Customize Your Digital Sales Videos to Fit Certain Personas or Even Individual Prospects
The great news about digital sales videos is that you can maintain consistent production quality while making a few videos at a time. Embrace this ability by crafting different informative pitches for your various client personas.

Perhaps you have a heavily finance-focused video for the CFO on your prospect list or a really growth-oriented one for a marketing director. You can reach both of these individuals with equal effectiveness while tailoring your messaging to deliver the information and benefits they want to hear most.

You can even get granular with this approach by making unique intros or even entire videos aimed at just one prospect or account. The sky’s the limit, and with analytics-enabled sales video platforms like 2Win Bridge, you can know exactly who is engaging with your videos along with the next steps they take. Explore more of what 2Win Bridge can do for you and how it helps make the sales video viewing experience more controlled and curated by following the link above.

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