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Emotional Resonance in a B2B Space: How Do We Achieve Resonance With Stakeholders?

Bob edit shirtThe phenomena of resonance takes place in a multitude of areas in our daily lives, and is significant in that many of those areas are areas that bring us great joy and pleasure. From the waves of the ocean to the beautiful strains of music,  it it isn’t difficult to find the importance of resonance in, well… the most important things.

It is interesting to note that it is possible to apply the physical characteristics of resonance to emotion, and this concept was expertly explained by my former high school Chemistry teacher (and current friend), Christopher Chiaverina:

“Resonance is all about the efficient transfer of “good vibrations,” or, more formally, energy from one entity to another…In physics, resonance is said to occur when a vibrating system or external force drives another system to vibrate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies. In medicine, MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to examine organs and structures inside the body.”

And in the same way that objects “match” other objects to create a visible or applicable effect or result, it is possible to achieve an emotional resonance that will create an energy between human beings, leading to positive personal and professional outcomes. Chiaverina continues:

“Emotional resonance dramatically increases the possibility for positive outcomes in virtually all situations involving human interactions. However, achieving resonance requires work by all involved. First and foremost, a knowledge of the feelings and desires of those concerned is requisite. Only then can connections be made and bonds formed.”

It is possible for us to achieve this sort of resonance with our stakeholders while utilizing the Rule of 24. Some applicable examples might range from creating and disseminating a playlist of demo videos that match a 2.4 second encounter’s request for ways you (and your product) might meet their needs, to a personal video to the stakeholders early in the sales cycle delivered within twenty-four minutes of a meeting that articulates your understanding of their needs. When we are interacting with a potential client, we want to create a mental resonance with each stakeholder, finding ourselves at the same level of understanding of product and potential for growth. It is also imperative that we remember the need to adjust our own “levels” for each individual client, as what it takes to resonate with one might not work with another.

When we are cognizant of the steps we can take to create a beautiful resonance with our potential and existing clients, there is no limit to the beautiful music we can create together.

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