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Flip The Classroom For the Business Environment



This subject is an interesting concept that schools have been employing in the last year or two.  Have you ever heard of Flip the Classroom? It is a pretty simple concept, where traditionally all of a teacher’s time is spent lecturing, and then the students go home to work on homework on their own.  In using this concept, the lecturing is done remotely while the child is at home, and then they come into the classroom to receive homework coaching and instruction from the teacher. 

So why is this beginning to catch on? Well let’s face it: the “lecture” is for the most part a consumption exercise by the participant, where they really need the teacher student interaction during the homework part of the learning experience. 

2WIN! Global has traditionally delivered a workshop during 1.5 to 2 day programs with a classroom approach.  The class takes place on day one, and contains exercises building up to an end product, which is delivered by the students on day two. There are different iterations of this based on the workshop subject, though in general, the approach up until now has been “traditional”.

 2WIN! Global took a long hard look at the Flip the Classroom process and how it might apply in the business environment.  From a professional development standpoint, it is becoming a viable and effective approach. 

Here is How it Works:


Key Benefits

So what are the key benefits of this approach versus a traditional two-day workshop with day one of instruction, and day two of delivery practice, role-playing, etc?  The Flip the Classroom approach allows the student to receive the education from their home or office during down times.  Many of our students are sales and technical customer facing individuals that directly influence revenue production.  Time out of the field is a critical issue.  The other benefit is, the opportunity to provide behavior change is actually higher.  The coaching and instruction is more personalized, as there are only four students per session versus a classroom, which may have as many as fifteen or more students.  Also the training is spread out over a one-week time frame, which allows the students more time to go back and practice techniques on their own prior to meeting with the coach.  In the classroom environment they typically only have exercises on day one and maybe some time in the evening prior to delivering on day two.

2WIN! Global has been a pioneer in this area and have actually been delivering Virtual Led Training for over five years.  In 2011 2WIN! Global began expanding the program by developing and producing green screen interactive training segments allowing our resources to be focused on the coaching aspects, just as the Flip the Classroom is used by teachers to help students with homework our coaches spend their time helping the business student with their “homework”. 

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