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How To Get Away With Murder…At a Sales Demo – Tips For Killing It

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The audience is floored, there are dozens of witnesses and the murder weapon — a sharp tongue — is still sitting in the suspect’s mouth. Yet, no one presses charges because they are grateful for what just happened.

This is the stage that is set for the perfect murder: you killing your next sales demo. Getting away with it wasn’t easy, but because you used the following sales demo tips, everyone is dying to get to the next step of your sales pipeline.

Tell a Great Story

The first thing you should do is scrap the canned speech you anticipated giving. A sales demo is not you reading aloud from the script of an infomercial or from the back-of-the-box litany of features.

Instead, a sales demo should be an experience that your prospect remembers. And what is the best way to stick inside their memory? Tell an unforgettable story.

Now, remember that storytelling does not have to follow a traditional character-focused narrative. Instead, think like a good suspense novelist and anticipate the emotions your audience may have as you deliver your messaging, and then seek to put them on a rollercoaster with a satisfying ending.

The first thing you want to do is connect them to a scene they can relate to. This is called a Lymbic Opening, we teach about how to use this technique successfully in our Demo2Win! training courses. You can start by describing the typical work process as it exists and highlight certain issues that your solution will fix. Or, you could open up with a dramatic anecdote about a cataclysmic failure experienced by a past client before they found your solution.

Whatever you open with, you want your audience hooked in. Then, give them more background and context on your solution. This information should get their brain working while slowly introducing the conflict that your solution — the hero in this tale — will solve.

Try to introduce these elements in a natural way that categorizes your information and makes it easy to digest. Practice your delivery, and you could soon be giving far more interesting demos than you thought possible.

Anticipate Questions and Meet Them Head-On

Old sales tactics attempt to gloss over weaknesses or common issues a customer might raise. People are smarter than that now, so you should be able to acknowledge these concerns and have solid answers for them.

You may even want to go ahead and ask them rhetorically to signal to your audience that you understand their needs and concerns and that you have preemptive answers for them.

Use Past Conversations to Your Advantage

The best way to ensure the success of a demo is to tailor it to your audience. And the best way to do that is to hold on to anything that was said in past conversations and any research you dug up on the prospect. The more you personalize your pitch, the more relevant it will feel and the more of a perfect fit the prospect will experience upon your demo delivery.

Always Be Learning More Sales Demo Tips

Upskilling is the surest way to survive in an ever-changing industry like sales. Give yourself every advantage possible by utilizing sales training programs like ones we offer (they range from sales training to presales training and beyond), and watch our Demo2Win webinar in the meantime. This comprehensive and proven approach to demo-ing will have you avoiding classic mistakes while embracing new, effective techniques. Register yourself or your sales team to start being a demo serial killer today!

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