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How To Use Video To Get a Promotion

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AdobeStock_127620775.jpegAs content marketing takes off, sales video has emerged as one of the most effective tools in the modern sales rep’s repertoire. While in-person conversations and a tempting solution can close deals, videos have shown that they can allow leads to nurture themselves while forging relationships with the content provider.


And they work! The statistics we will dive into in just a moment reveal that well-made and well-presented video can help convert prospects, close deals faster and network in new leads more effectively than any other type of digital tool.


As senior staff notices that your numbers have taken off, do not be surprised if you discover that sales videos can become your Most Valuable Player. It may even get you promoted, and here is why:


Sales Videos Reach More People and Get Them Hooked

Statistics revealed on HubSpot show that sales video content really draws in the eyeballs. Video published socially can get 12 times more shares than text or images do, combined! Videos used on dedicated landing pages can also convert 80 percent more people than landing pages without them.


Overall, companies with web pages that use video enjoy 41 percent more web traffic than those that do not.


Part of the reason for video’s allure lies in our mobile-focused world. Mobile device screens may have high resolutions, but they are often squeezed into small real estate. Text-heavy articles and even many types of images do not shine on this form factor.


Video, however, does. Research has shown that a majority of the growth in video views come from mobile users, and that these users are often hungry for content. Given the above statistics, the trend of online video content is also likely leading to an increase in sales opportunities for organizations of all types.


Video Connects with Multiple Senses

One of the powers of video production lies in its ability to make the most of both visual and audio elements. Simple editing practices can produce stunning effects, such as the contrast between cutting from a static, boring image to a montage of exuberant, energetic ones.


You can also pack a lot of emotion into videos by combining effective music with storytelling.


Just consider how voice overs and on-screen text may differ from the diegetic elements seen in the video; each one contributes a unique element to an overall message that packs a lot of information and impact into a concise, 30 second to 120 second parcel.


When done right, stay tuned for our next blog on how to capture emotion through video, as a well-made video can leave a lasting impression on viewers.


Altogether, you not only end up with a more effective and productive sales process, but one that leaves customers satisfied on an emotional, not just a logical, level.


You can also maximize this effectiveness by using a sales video platform that helps you monitor impressions, gathers meaningful analytics and presents a personalized sales funnel to all viewers. Take a look at 2Win! Bridge’s sales video platform information page to learn more about why great videos and a great, sales-oriented video hosting platform work better together.

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