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Leveraging Demo Videos Effectively During the Sales Process

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Depositphotos_8758287_l-2015-1.jpgSales Demo Videos have emerged as one of the most effective tools a salesperson can use throughout their pipeline. 59 percent of company decision-makers say they prefer video sales materials to text-based materials like pamphlets.

Having video sales materials is clearly an important step in improving your close/win ratio, but the challenge still remains for deciding when to send the videos to make maximum impact. In truth, there are several opportunities to send prospects a sales demo video that can help nurture them or close a deal, including all of the following.

Immediately Before an In-Person Demo

In-person sales demonstrations allow you to tailor your approach to the prospect and respond to any questions or challenges in real-time. However, you can still personalize a video to send to a prospect that will help with nurturing. By creating a customized, condensed version of your sales presentation, you can give your prospect something to “brush up on” in order to better-prepare them for your sales demonstration.

The overview can introduce important points so that the prospect can have ideas or any questions pre-loaded. Any verbatim talking points you duplicate in the video also reinforce the messaging when they hear it in person. Much like how you can often catch something new after the second or third viewing of an entertaining movie, hearing an idea repeated and expanded upon can help a lead consider it more carefully in their mind.

As a result, the lead is already partially nurtured by the time they receive a presentation, and they are more likely to retain a greater portion of the messaging you deliver.

Immediately After an In-Person Demo

While a recap of your sales demo may seem redundant, the materials you provide to sales prospects can actually help them sell your solution to internal stakeholders who need to sign off and approve a deal.

How many times have you heard, “Oh thanks! That was a fantastic demo, and I am going to carry that message to the entire team as we make our decision”? Chances are you experienced a bit of anxiety in that moment because you don’t have 100 percent faith that the lead can deliver your message effectively to other decision-makers.

Give them a boost to get the buy-in and sign-offs they need by sending a recap video queued up with other informative content revealing key benefits. If they are able to share these videos with their team, they can deliver effective messaging and reduce the chances that an internal “no” will derail your progress.

As a Follow-Up for a Cold Lead

Modern business employees are incredibly busy, and we may need something to help jog our memories after a lull in the sales process. By sending custom video content to share interesting ideas or cover product benefits from a new angle, you can re-start the sales process without coming across pushy.

Follow up videos can also provide materials for prospects still in the decision phase since they can share them with peers and get their feedback. In this way, short sales videos can help you keep selling in order to carry leads through to the critical last stages of your pipeline.

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