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Make the Most of Your Working Hours: 5 Sales Work Smart Hacks


Make the Most of Your Working Hours

Have you ever heard the saying “Work smarter, not harder?” It can be easy to get caught up in the busy nature of the lives we live, both personally and professionally. In these moments, we often lose valuable time, and the loss of that time can cause us to work harder than we might need to. Following these simple steps can help to eliminate the unnecessary wasting of time best spent focusing on clients and potential partners:

Focus on your Job:

I know this sounds simple, but I challenge you to take a day to consider all of the things that you do at work that aren’t part of your job description or requirement. Done? Told you. It probably didn’t take you long to realize that many minutes are stolen from you on a day to day basis by responsibilities that can easily be handed off to someone who should be handling them to begin with. (These tasks may also simply be time wasters, so make sure that you’re present.) Once you have identified the tasks that DO belong to you…

Prioritize Them:

Make sure that you schedule your day in a way that allows you to take care of your most pressing commitments first, and without disruption. Human beings are much more productive (and less likely to procrastinate) when the most tedious tasks are out of the way. Once you have successfully checked these off of the “To Do” list, set out to finish those pieces that require the most time, saving the shortest for the end of your day. In short, chart out your course for the day, and don’t stray from it. If “wandering” is an issue for you, however, make sure to include…

Moments of Accountability:

Give yourself the gift of a check in, from time to time. If you can hold yourself accountable by setting an alarm every once in a while, then by all means, do so. Most people find, however, that it benefits them to involve a partner or team member for this task. A simple “How’s it going?” can go a long way if timed properly and done with purpose. In addition to utilizing your human beings, don’t underestimate the ability of…

Putting Technology to Work:

Let the incredible advances of technology work FOR you, rather than with you. Tech tools, such as 2win Bridge Video can reduce the number of actual man hours that are spent face to face, doing the job for you, instead. Technology should be seen as an additional team member, and used as such. We can no longer underestimate the power of a personal video or demo in regards to effectiveness at the proverbial sales table, as studies show that now, more than ever, clients and potential clients are influenced greatly by the ease of these interactions, as well as the pressureless nature of the interface.

Once you realize that there are smarter ways to employ the minutes of your workday, you’ll find it nearly impossible to revert to those times that saw you wasting precious moments. While our days may seems long, our minutes are truly fleeting, and we owe it to ourselves, and our clients, to work with wisdom and focus.

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