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Reach Stakeholders & Accelerate Deals

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Capture-1.pngWe’ve all been faced with the various challenges that slow down the progression of our deals. Not reaching all the decision makers with a clear and consistent message has been one of my biggest pains when working a sales opportunity. It reminds me of the telephone game…The message gets lost in translation as it migrates from the original source to the last person in the group.

Similarly, in B2B sales, my product value messages and key benefits were not effectively delivered to each decision maker in the buying process. When I do finally manage to get a meeting, and a new decision maker is introduced midstream, I have to start from the beginning. My deal gets stuck in what feels like a never-ending cycle of repeat meetings just to get that last stakeholder caught up and, of course, on board. So frustrating, right?

If you cannot align your solution with each stakeholder’s desires, then you are bound to experience a long sales cycle, or even worse, get faced with the dreaded “No Decision.”

Reach All Stakeholders & Accelerate Your Deal Progression

So instead of relying on my key contact to deliver my product value message, I use video to reach all the decision makers with clear and consistent messaging. This allows me to get everyone on the same page BEFORE the meeting.

Additionally, I’m able to see who watched my videos, for how long, and if they shared them with other decision makers. With these insights, I’m able to align my product’s key benefits with the desires of each stakeholder.

Take it from me…stop playing the telephone game with your B2B Buyers and start accelerating the deal’s progression by using VIDEO!

2Win! Bridge is the Demo Video Automation Solution  helps me engage buyers with effective demo videos, and close more deals faster.

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