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Selecting the Right Keynote Speaker that Aligns to Your Company’s Goals

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During a sales kickoff event, a keynote speaker can easily supply the lynchpin for the entire occasion. They should offer so much more than a couple of laughs or a single, thought-provoking example. Instead, they should allow the theme to permeate everything.

Imagine the difference between a satchel of herbs delicately scenting the air and that same satchel being brewed in a liquid. Your keynote speaker should be the latter: their words should infuse the minds of your audience and become a permanent part of their thought process. Subsequent workshops, presentations and Q&As should reinforce everything said.

Finding such a speaker will no doubt prove difficult, but you can make it easier by considering the following six guidelines:

Pull Together a Team to Help Decide

Making a major decision by yourself places too many eggs in one basket. Instead, assign and delegate others who can help come to a conclusion. This arrangement not only smooths out the odds of any mistakes, but it also offers a diverse array of opinions and personalities to reflect a more well-rounded decision.

Write Down Clear Goals for the Keynote Speaker

Consider the direct effect you would like the keynote speaker to deliver to the audience. Specify not only the goals of the keynote and event, but the specifics of those goals.

For instance, a goal of “getting more sales” can be turned into the the more specific “wow your way through existing customers to make them repeat customers.” Then, decide on a type of approach that will motivate your attendees to pursue that goal. The speaker should demonstrate how to be warm and connect with others; they may show how how to get up early in the morning and prepare for getting repeat business, disarm the audience with humor, or even charm and appear profound.

Decide on these criteria and specific goals in order to narrow your choices.

Consider In-House or In-Industry Presenters

Speakers with the most impressive resumes do not always deliver the most impressive speeches. If you have a topic to cover with technical know-how or real-world experience, consider looking within your own company or to your peers to deliver the high-precision message you need.

You can also consider industry experts. For instance, we at 2Win! can deliver impactful keynote speeches that teach critical skills while also inspiring conceptually.

Come back to Your Constraints when Deciding

A common problem with soliciting keynote speakers is that some confusion arises when we talk about “selling points.” You can forget that you need someone who has customer service experience when you find a guy who did something else amazing and completely unrelated.

Always ask yourself: do these traits enhance the desired message or goals? If not, then wait to sign them up for a different event with a more relevant theme or goal.

Look to Peer Recommendations and Reviews

Some of the best “sales” speakers are actually only good at selling their own services. Ask for recommendations from others to get speech prospects that exude genuine desirable qualities, and investigate any prospects through online reviews or past customers.

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