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The Top Pain Points of Sales Reps – Alleviate With Video

Being a sales rep has never been easy, but with a proliferation of competing solutions and self-nurturing sales pipelines, getting your foot in the door with a prospect seems more difficult than ever. Salespeople face all sorts of snags during the process of trying to introduce leads into their funnel, and just getting to a software demonstration can feel like a daunting task.


Fortunately, video cloud technology can provide the same advantages to your organization that huge corporations already enjoy on a regular basis. By making personalized sales videos and hosting demonstrations over cloud-hosted videos, your sales staff can make its mark and alleviate the following three major pain points modern sales reps face. 

Note: If you want to alleviate your pain by having to read through the rest of this article, why dont you watch it instead? Click on the image below for a personal video  from our 2Win! founder, Bob Riefstahl where he talks about these pain points:bob.png


Never Getting to Book That First Meeting

Meeting with a prospect — whether in-person, or through an electronic intermediary — seems to be tougher and tougher these days. Most emails and voicemails don’t even get a response. Other prospects enjoy playing a game of message tag until dropping off the face of the earth altogether.

In these situations, it is highly likely that the prospect simply never makes time to hear you out because you have not truly captured their attention. One way to get their attention? Send them a personalized video. Your video can quickly overview the most important unique selling-points or beneficial features of your solution and hint at a deeper conversation to come.

Including a personalized video in your email can dramatically increase your open rate, and it can cause your response rate to triple. One of our own clients, who was using our 2Win! Bridge cloud video solution says that they sent the prospect “six emails over the last six months, three personal visits, and countless phone calls and never a reply …until today with one simple video from 2Win! Bridge.”

Not Having Enough Time to Juggle Everything

While sales reps may have some impressive abilities, they don’t have superpowers. They can never been in two places at once, so how do they figure out where to allocate their time?

For example, when you have the opportunity to meet with two client leads around the exact same time frame but don’t have enough wiggle room to see them both, how do you choose between them? The answer is to book a meeting with the more critical contact and keep the other one on ice through a personalized, informative video. You can hold their interest while delivering detailed information or demonstrations of your solution, preventing them from drifting too far outside your sales funnel.

Creating Relevant Touch Points in Drawn-Out Sales Cycles

With marketing automation and self-lead-nurturing through content practices en vogue right now, an unfortunate side effect is that many prospects can hover in and out of the sales pipeline and eventually lose focus on the energy that could bring them to a “buying” decision.

In these instances, pestering the lead with phone calls or meetings may be coming on too strong, or seem desperate especially if you have nothing of relevance to discuss. Sending them a personalized video allows you to touch base with them on something relevant to their lives — “I know you’re a Gonzaga fan, can you believe they are picked to go all the way this year?” — and then add in something that you think would be valuable to them — “I saw this article in Popular Mechanics, and I think it can really help you get your head around this [insert pain point] problem. Anyways, have a great weekend!”

Something as simple as this person-to-person message goes miles beyond other organizations, reflecting positively upon your company as an innovator.

With these ideas in your back pocket, you can break through to the toughest of clients and keep your organization firing on all cylinders no matter how much of a time crunch you are in.

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