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Ultimate Guide to Non-Creepy Sales Stalking

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We’ve all done it: blurted out some information that we could have only known from stalking a prospect online. Showing your hand in this way is not usually a good way to warm up leads, as it usually sends them running for the hills instead. Likewise, prospecting by pestering people through social media also may be seen as crossing the line.


These two common blunders notwithstanding, online research is an amazing way to learn advantageous facts about a prospect and especially the work they do. When done subtly, connecting through social channels or using them to foster communication can also be an amicable way to drum up leads. The key is it has to be done right by abiding by the following four rules:


Check Your Own Profile First

When you interact with someone online, which can even be something as innocent as viewing their LinkedIn profile, realize that they may want to scope you out in turn. What they see on your profile page should impress them, or at the very least draw their interest.


Include the most recent, relevant work you have done along with some standout facts about your performance. At the same time, don’t let your profile look like the back of a software box full of marketing pitches and bullet points. People should see you as a human first and that your work reflects your passions.


Avoid excess fluff, like your college club participation, unless you feel it helps paint a clearer picture of yourself.


Let the Information You Find Tell You a Story About a Lead

Not everyone shares their social media information publicly, but those that do often reveal a lot about their values and their personality through their profile and activity.


For instance, someone who has vocal opinions about certain causes or issues may reflect their approach to solving business problems. They may try to be laid back about their passions, which means that they would appreciate facts that speak for themselves. Or, they could be heated, launching into strong opinions that indicate they may respond well to convincing rhetoric over dry information.


You should also learn about the company they work for by viewing its site and owned social media pages. Since this information is designed to be publicly available, indicating your knowledge can help you come across as informed rather than obsessed.


Don’t Ignore Prospects Online

Once you build an online working relationship with someone, you cannot just put the toothpaste back in the tube. They now expect you to respond to inquiries, questions and comments on a regular basis. If they are an active commenter on your posts, you need not respond every time, but when they attempt to engage you directly on Twitter or LinkedIn, you should reward their commitment to your relationship with attention.


Have Something Interesting to Say on Social Media and Through Sales Video Software

Lots of modern solutions address not just technical problems, but ones also rooted in industry culture and politics. Taking a unique personal stance on these issues or sharing thought leadership regarding them can be a good way to warm up prospects through conversation.


For instance, a company selling document management software can discuss environmental concerns or share a post about sustainable forestry. Creating your own content that informs upon these issues while also gently discussing your product as a solution can also allow leads to nurture themselves. They may even want to engage you first in comments, rather than the other way around.


You can generate leads while providing a platform for engaging clients through content using 2Win! Bridge sales video software, which tracks exposures and allows for easy interaction between sale reps and leads.

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