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[VIDEO] Conquering Camera Shyness in Sales

It’s easy to understand the ever-expanding role of video in sales and marketing. Contrary to the plethora of dry emails and not so warm cold calls clients regularly receive, video humanizes the pitch and process, while offering personalization in a world that seems to exist in a constantly expanding digital realm. Video allows you to make an impression that just isn’t possible without putting your best (visual) self forward, and is the next best thing to a face to face encounter. And while we clearly comprehend the necessity of giving clients all you’ve got, sometimes calming the nerves that creep up as we prepare to present can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, getting rid of those butterflies can be as easy as 1-2-3-4. Following the steps below will certainly set you up for success as you prepare to step in front of the camera:

Memorize Your Ideas, Not Your Words:

Don’t get me wrong-your words are incredibly important. Write them down, and write them well. Begin with a script, though nothing incredibly complicated or lengthy. Personalize it to your potential client, but keep it concise. Once your script is complete, you’re ready to move on to the second step of your journey to complete camera comfort.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

This always seems like such simple advice, but it is truly a piece of the puzzle that cannot be replaced with anything else. Stand in front of a mirror and read your script aloud. Ten times usually sticks, and will see you ready to narrow it down to the key points/goals of your call. These can be bullet points or simple, meaningful lines.

Do Your Homework:

Whether you’ve encountered your potential client prior to your virtual meeting or using video as your initial means of contact, be sure you’ve done the background work that allows you to personalize your pitch. When your presentation becomes more about engaging the client and less about your personal performance, your shift will focus. Energy to hit your targets will replace those nerves, setting you up for a successful online interaction.

Relax and Just be Yourself:

So it’s time to press “Record”. (Don’t worry, you’re ready.) Keep your bullet points nearby, if necessary, but only for occasional reference. Dress professionally, but comfortably. Then breathe. Smile. Nothing replaces genuineness. Potential clients aren’t interested in hearing your sales spiel or rote pitch. They want to know what makes you different, and how this will benefit their business. Luckily, no one knows this better than you.  

There has never been a better time to become comfortable in front of the camera, and there is certainly no reason for you, the consummate professional,  to hesitate. You can easily beat those nerves with pure preparation and by bringing your authentic self to the table. So, lights, camera, ACTION! 

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