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Why Authenticity Sells

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If you take a look into current marketing and advertising trends, “authenticity” is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. The chief reason for this surge in demand for authenticity lies in the power of instant, mass communication. Put simply: no one falls for phonies anymore. We know most of the old sales pitches by heart, and cheesy lines like “how many times has this happened to you?” have officially become punch lines.

By contrast, honesty sells. This trend often means that the product you offer and the method in which it is sold must change drastically to fit a more positive narrative. The end result is not just happier clients, but less pressure on sales staff to keep up an act. As the old saying goes: “If you don’t lie, you don’t have to remember what you said.”

To encourage your brand to adopt an air of authenticity in everything you do, consider how it might benefit you in the following different scenarios:

Video and Webcam Sales Presentations

Someone watching a video on their computer, whether it is live or not, does not act as a captive audience would. They can freely glance around their office and be with their own thoughts. They did not invest added time in getting to your presentation, after all.

Therefore, if they feel at any point like they are being deceived or having something misrepresented to them, they can check out at any time. On the other hand, an air of authenticity engages them and can make them genuinely interested in what the presenter has to say. They are also more likely to remember what has taken place since we tend to hold onto conversations with peers while mentally discharging most ad content we see.

In a Phone Conversation

Great sales people make their leads comfortable and talk to them as if they are professional friends. A conversation like this can allow a lead to let their guard down and have a more productive conversation about how a particular solution may or may not meet their needs.

In the process, the lead discovers something about the sales rep’s solution while getting the opportunity to discuss their business, while the rep actually learns things that can help them tailor their approach to best meet the needs of their client.

Especially compared to an uncomfortable exchange of ad pitches, this type of conversation is more beneficial to both parties involved.

During In-Person Sales Calls and Presentations

Natural performers have a certain charisma about them, and this is something we have become drawn to over time. Consider the recent trend of casting people like Jake Gyllenhaal and Emma Stone over more classic Hollywood types like George Clooney. While Clooney is mostly plays himself when cast as a part, Stone and Gyllenhall tend to mirror the mannerisms of real people and draw you in with their unique, genuine personalities.

In this same way, true sales professionals can engage in person with authentic-feeling mannerisms while doing away with the self-assured demeanor of bygone checkered suit sales hucksters.

Help Cultivate Authenticity with Practice and Sales Training Resources

The only way to genuinely adopt an authentic approach to sales is to become comfortable in your own skin and with messaging you personally know to be true. You can start by getting lots of practice and pointers while reviewing sales training resources like the webinars and live seminars we offer at 2Win!

Become the person you deserve to be rather than just another piece of slick hair, and give your prospects the honest sales approach they deserve in turn.

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