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Why Shorter is Better in a Presentation or Demo



I just had a great 45 minute end to my day. “How so?” you ask. By using YouTube to see the chaos of videos posted for my competitors. They are long, boring demos with no benefits.  Do we live in a great world or what? All these bad demos about the bad guys that my prospects can watch that makes them look terrible!

But enough about my competitors. Here’s something I stumbled on that I found validating. YouTube’s “short” vs. “long” filter; less than 4 minutes or more than 20. 

Do tell.​

The bedrock of the 2WIN! training methodology is the Tell-Show-Tell (TST) technique. It’s the foundational “how-to” for communicating a feature, function or capability of your solution to an audience, whether large or small, live or over the web, in North America, EMEA, APAC, South America, or LATAM.

And the time guideline for the content element of that TST (not Q&A, discussion, etc.), is 2-5 minutes. How fascinating. Now we have all-powerful, all-knowing YouTube…the mothership of on-line videos…confirming that a digestible video is smack-dab in the middle of that 2-5 minute zone.

So for all you Demo2WIN’ers out there, rest in the knowledge that the investment you’ve made to think in Tell-Show-Tell “chunks” will continue to pay dividends as you expand your on-line demo video library.

Hint, hint.



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