Understand stakeholders, manage objections, and create a winning deal strategy with Discovery2Win.

Discover what matters to your audience

Discovery is a crucial part of any sales cycle – it enables salespeople to get to know their customer or prospect. To understand their needs. Their pain points. Their goals. Their motivations.

Without Discovery, teams often present a generic solution. A solution that isn’t tailored to address the audience’s challenges or goals. And that puts deals at risk

Understand what motivates stakeholders.

Participants learn how to approach discovery as a conversation, not an interrogation. How to craft strong questions in the moment, not simply read questions off a list. How to motivate multiple stakeholders. How to uncover the “real” objection. How to deal with difficult people.

And how to apply discovery to drive a winning deal strategy.


Get Discovery2Win! certified

Gain the critical skills you need to effectively understand audiences and manage objections

Differentiate by how you sell
Show audiences that you see them and understand their needs before you show a product.

Gain influence with key stakeholders
Learn what matters to the people who matter most in your deal – the buyers.

Create a winning deal strategy
Discovery is only meaningful if the information shapes your deal. Our Win Plan gives you a repeatable, scalable strategy to apply discovery and advance your deals.

What you’ll learn during Discovery2Win

Here are just a few things you’ll learn how to do during Discovery2Win:

Connect with audiences

Use emotional intelligence (EQ) and professional empathy to adapt to diverse stakeholders.

Manage objections

Turn objections into opportunities to persuade and gain influence.

focus on what matters

Ruthlessly prioritize discovery leanings to focus the deal strategy.

Discovery2Win workshop topics

These are some of the primary topics covered during a Discovery2Win workshop

The CDIM™ discovery framework

Don’t read questions off a list. Understand how to uncover the audience’s current state, desired state, impact and metrics with a real human conversation.

The FishOn™ objection management framework

Don’t “handle” objections. Turn them into an opportunity to learn and grow your influence.

The Win Plan

Take everything you learned during discovery and develop a winning plan that will help advance your deal.

Capstone Presentation

Put it all together by presenting a portion of your meeting using your Win Plan as a guide.

Request a detailed overview and agenda

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What participants have said about Discovery2Win

I got out of this what I was expecting and really hope to start using this methodology in my sales engagements.
– Jon Whiteoak
Solution Engineer | Salesforce
I enjoyed the format of starting with objection handling to discovery, to then applying and presenting the discovery. [Our Facilitator] did an amazing job using examples and made the training fun and entertaining.
– Justin Noll
Enterprise Account Executive | Evisort
I think this was the most value I’ve obtained in the shortest amount of time I’ve spent in any Sales training. This will have an immediate impact on my deals.
– Kyle MacKenzie
Enterprise Sales Representative | Smartsheet
I usually hate classes that do role-playing, the awkwardness of them is just dreadful. However, picking a real-life engagement felt more like a collaborative effort with a peer.
– Todd Preece
Sr. Advisory Solution Consultant | ServiceNow

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