Facts inform. Emotions persuade. Connect with your audience and maximize your impact by telling short and powerful stories.

Many sales meetings are easily forgotten

Imagine a sales presentation. There are slides with statistics. And logos. And charts. Then the audience goes to another presentation. There are new slides with statistics. And logos. And charts.

The audience can’t tell the vendors apart. They forget both presentations. The deals go nowhere.

Appeal to emotions with stories

We make decisions emotionally, then justify them rationally. Storytelling appeals to emotions, but salespeople can be reluctant to tell stories. They often believe that the audience doesn’t want to hear them. But we believe that’s a myth.

Storytelling2Win teaches participants how to use stories to connect with audiences. To influence. To persuade. To motivate. To advance deals.


Get Storytelling2Win! certified

Gain the critical skills you need to effectively understand audiences and manage objections

Get to the Big Idea
Distill the audience’s challenge into a Big Idea to maximize resonance and influence.

Support your story
Effectively use body language, tone of voice and visuals to confidently deliver your story.

Inspire action
Connect to your audience’s underlying emotions to advance your deal or project.

What you’ll learn during Storytelling2Win

Here are just a few things you’ll learn how to do during Storytelling2Win

Get to the point

Remove extraneous details from stories and make your point in 90 seconds or less.

build a story library

Go into every customer interaction with collection of effective stories, and use the right story at the right time to persuade diverse audiences.

consistently tell stories

Learn how to tell a story the audience wants to hear using an effective and repeatable structure, so you can tell stories to make an impact in every meeting.

Storytelling2Win workshop topics

These are some of the primary topics covered during a Storytelling2Win workshop

Path to the big idea

Determine the key point you’re trying to make before you write your story

StoryBridge framework

Creating a story is the first step – our StoryBridge framework gives you a repeatable structure to tell the right pieces of the right story at the right time.

Maximizing presence

A story is only as good as the storyteller. We give you the skills to maximize your presence as you confidently tell stories in any context.

Storytelling competition

A friendly competition to determine who can tell the best story.

Request a detailed overview and agenda

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What participants have said about Storytelling2Win

It was a fun and engaging experience. Learned a lot from the other teammates, the instructor made the session so interactive and engaging.
-Anjali Jaiswal
Solutions Consultant | ServiceNow
2Win training is always amazing, this was no exception.
– Brett Kearney
General Manager, Pre-Sales | Icertis
If I could kick my day off with [my facilitator] coaching the team like this, I wouldn’t miss it.
– Samantha Peloquin
Solutions Engineer | ClickUp
Excellent course, very engaging and adapted well to our short time-frame.
– Brad Towers
VP of Solutions Architects | BlueCat

The 2Win skills training programs

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