Dramatically raise the barrier to exit for your customers, so you can drive adoption, retention and expansion.

The CS struggle is real

Customer Success (CS) teams need to build executive relationships. Yet, they often get pulled into day-to-day client necessities. They are reactive instead of proactive.

It’s up to CS teams to motivate clients to adopt the stickiest parts of the solution. To establish the solution as mission critical. To dramatically raise the barrier to exit.

Go beyond adoption

World-Class CS teams preserve revenue and cultivate expansion opportunities. They create raving fans who eagerly introduce new stakeholders.

Success2Win helps your team become strategic partners to your clients. So you can uncover new use cases. And identify growth areas. And grow your footprint.


Get Success2Win! certified

Gain the critical skills you need to effectively manage stakeholders and drive value

Understand motives
Uncover what’s driving client stakeholders and strategically articulate pain, value and insight.

Deliver bad news
When there’s a change that a client perceives as negative, it’s up to CS to deliver that news. Learn to do it in a way that preserves relationships.

Inspire action
Connect to your audience’s underlying emotions to advance your deal or project.

What you’ll learn during Success2Win

Here are just a few things you’ll learn how to do during Success2Win

Prioritize actions

CS teams have many responsibilities – we provide a framework that helps prioritize where they should focus.

Turn objections into opportunities

Turn client objections, frustrations or barriers into opportunities to persuade and gain influence.

Drive value

Convince client executives of the value of their investment, so you can drive ACV.

Success2Win workshop topics

These are some of the primary topics covered during a Success2Win workshop

Difficult client situations

Understand client decision making using the 2Win CDIM™ framework and learn tactics to maintain control of difficult situations.

Business impact conversations

Become “mission critical” to business leaders and expand reach and influence with line-of-business leaders.

Expanding your access

Gain access beyond your client’s program administrator – use business impact conversations to build and grow connections with line-of-business leaders.

Success plan

Create a success plan by combining discovery findings with strategic team planning and tactics.

Request a detailed overview and agenda

Want to know what happens day-by-day during a Success2Win workshop? Or do you want us to send that information to your manager? We’ve got you covered – just click the button below.

What participants have said about Success2Win

Who knew that virtual training could be so impactful? Thank you to the team and to our awesome facilitator for coaching us and actually empowering me with real skills I can apply daily in my role. I’m 100% confident this training will improve my win rate.
– Leah Cassidy
Sr. Strategic Development Director | Adobe
2Win training is always amazing, this was no exception.
– Brett Kearney
General Manager, Pre-Sales | Icertis
Very engaging and totally applicable to my daily job. Ron was knowledgeable and a lot of fun to work with! He made all this information easy to digest.
– Stephen Gillis
Commercial Solutions Consultant | Veson
Great session! Nice bite sized suggestions that can actually be implemented real-time.
– Cameron Cullen
Associate Director | Wolters Kluwer

The 2Win skills training programs

Each of our training programs help you and your team grow your influence with customers and prospects.
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Communicate your value



Uncover client motivations



Influence client decisions



Inspire client action


Winning With Executives

Secure executive support

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