Winning with Executives

Present with an executive presence. Adapt to executive behaviors. Gain and keep executives’ respect.
Winning With Executives

It’s showtime

You’ve finally made it to the meeting with the C-Suite. It’s taken you considerable time to get here. You’ve earned this meeting. Now, it’s time to close.

But then something unexpected happens. You thought you’d have 30 minutes, but you only have 5. You planned to talk about a particular topic, but the executives want to talk about something else. It’s now your job to keep this deal on track.

Grow your executive presence

Winning with Executives is all about handling executive conversations with poise and confidence. Growing your influence. Gaining the executives’ respect. And keeping it. Even when the unexpected happens.

Because you won’t get another chance to have this executive meeting.

Winning With Executives

Get Winning With Executives certified

Gain the critical skills you need to effectively align your solution to executive-level priorities
Winning With Executives

Elevate the conversation
Executives usually don’t want to hear about features. We can help you elevate the conversation to focus on the strategic goals that will motivate the executive audience.

Adapt to executive behaviors
Sometimes Most of the time things don’t go as expected. Learn how to identify and effectively respond to executive behaviors, even when they are surprising.

Execute with executive presence
Critical meetings can be nerve-wracking even for seasoned professionals. But with a plan, and the right skills, you can confidently manage executive conversations.

What you’ll learn during Winning With Executives

Here are just a few things you’ll learn how to do during Winning With Executives

Build a winning plan

Walk (or call) into executive interactions with a winning plan that keeps things on track.

Manage the unexpected

Prepare for various contingencies to keep deals on track when the unexpected happens.

understand executive motivations

Ask the right questions to learn what’s driving executive decisions, and then articulate goals, challenges, value and insight.

Winning With Executives workshop topics

These are some of the primary topics covered during a Winning With Executives workshop

Preparing for exec engagements

Identify executive personalities and adjust your delivery to match the expectations and orientation of your executive audience.

Connecting to executive priorities

Understand the critical elements of executive motivation and ensure your engagement is customer centric.

Precision and agility

Identify common executive shifts, craft insight-based leading questions, and secure future meetings with C-level executives.


Use your new skills in a final, realistic executive interaction.

Request a detailed overview and agenda

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What participants have said about Winning With Executives

I really just love how every comment is taken seriously. We dive in, there is value we can find in almost every little comment.
– Joshua Rochelle
Senior Manager, Global Sales Engineering | Vendavo
Some take-aways were very good and new, i.e. the way to satisfy the Exec’s needs based on their type
– Indro Monti
Technical Director | Dassault Euromed
I really enjoyed the training. It was well run and really provided a valuable framework we can implement immediately.
Brandon Tojza
Enterprise Account Executive | Front
Great training! Many useful insights and I’m looking forward to implementing the new gained knowledge.
– Tanja Franko
Customer Success Manager | Box

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Winning With Executives


Communicate your value

Winning With Executives


Uncover client motivations

Winning With Executives


Influence client decisions

Winning With Executives


Inspire client action

Winning With Executives

Winning With Executives

Secure executive support

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