Rule of 24

Our “Rule of 24” Must Have Items!

Do you stand out from the crowd?  Make your clients say “WOW!” by enhancing your production of Personal Videos and Web Presentations.  Studio sound quality, impactful backgrounds and proper lighting are essential elements to consider in your Rule of 24 effectiveness.  By using the right tools, you can build a memorable and worthy experience for clients.  Check out our fluid shopping lists so you can …


Create Memorable Personal Videos that Inspire Stakeholders to Share Your Key Messages

Personal Video Creation Shopping List by 2Win! Global

Drive Engagement in Web Meetings using Tools that Command Attention

R24 Web Demonstrating List

Building R24 Demo Videos with a Pro Camera Kit


The 2win! Team maintains an updated list of product recommendations due to technology advancements, new products and new approaches that drive our constant desire to be at the forefront of tools and techniques.  Please visit this page often for the latest shopping list and product reviews.


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