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Overcoming Shyness & Using Personal Video

Why Superion Uses Bridge

Clone Your Best Pre-Sales Team Members

Differentiate Yourself For Meeting Follow-Up

Catch Up When New Stakeholders Pop Up

Get Stuck Deals Moving Again

Getting C-Suite to Respond To You

Craft Event Follow-Up Messages That Stand Out

Convert More Pipeline into Sales, Faster.

Drive Attendees to an Event

Increase Your Pipeline

Engage2Win! – Overview

Perform2Win! – Overview

SalesTeam2Win! – Overview

What is an “Open” Workshop?

Want to know what an “Open” workshop is? Aaron and Ron will tell you how it is…If Ron can stop looking at his phone for 2 seconds…

Demo2Win! Skills Tell-Show-Tell Method

Training tips for demonstrators and presenters.


Demo2Win! Personalization

Why personalization is so important, and how to utilize it through 2Win! Global.


Demo2Win! Flip The Classroom Agenda

Instructional elements can be very effectively delivered in a self study, video centered way. But unlike traditional boring video based learning, this is something you’re employees will actually enjoy.


Demo2Win! Exercises

Learn how and why exercises are critical to the adult learning process.


What is Demo2Win!?

A Practical skills based workshop that helps demonstrators increase their engagement relevance, and clarity in front of their audience.


Coaching with 2Win!

Regular coaching is important to affirm successful use of techniques, correct misunderstandings, and recommend improvements. Take a closer look at how we coach at 2Win!


Demo2Win! Skills – How To Use a Webcam Properly

If you find yourself doing web demo’s or web presentations often, its important to master your webcam skills. Check out our Demo2Win! Skills video for tips!


Demo2Win! for Leaders – Sustainability

Demo2Win! for Leaders, a workshop comprised of self paced learning components paired with practice and learning opportunities all housed in our LMS system. To ensure long term success managers need to be involved and aware of the tenets that support their investment.


2Win! Bridge – The Trade-show Gap

Learn how to leverage video to engage with prospects during and after a trade-show.


2Win! Bridge – The Subject Matter Expert Gap

Learn how your Subject Matter Experts can deliver the best possible demo that describes your product using video.


Bridging the Resource Gap with Video

Learn how to maximize your resources by leveraging videos in your sales and customer success processes.


Bridging the Forecast Gap

Learn how leveraging video in your sales process will improve sales forecast accuracy


2Win! Bridge – If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Tips on getting in touch with your contacts and customers before your competition.


2Win! Bridge – Bridging the Content Gap

Watch how you can effectively adhere to an accelerated timeline for creating content, fast.


2Win! Bridge – Bridging the Connection Gap

Learn how to grow your footprint with a customer or prospective buying company.


Demo2Win! – Modeling

Learn about how to use the skills you’re teaching and why modeling is important.


2Win! Bridge – SunGard

We asked Justin for his candid feedback on 2Win! Bridge video automation software, and this is what he had to say.


2Win! Bridge – How to Create a Playlist

Learn how a seller can quickly create a playlist for a prospective buyer.


WebPresent2Win! – Agenda

Web Presenting is a central part of your “land and expand” strategy, now you want to understand more.  Check out this short video outlining all the goodies contained in the exciting new workshop.  Learn how your team can become Masters of the Web Presentation (maybe not masters of the universe but close)!


WebPresent2Win! – Overview & Outcomes

Is your team presenting or demoing over the web? Our guess is yes!  Take a few minutes a check out WebPresent2Win!, a workshop designed for web presenters by web presenters.


WebPresent2Win! – Using Polling in a Presentation

Whether we specifically call it polling or not, we poll our audience for feedback everyday.  Polling is useful in understanding your audience’s orientation to your messaging.  In this video, we will show you how we teach polling in the context of a web demonstration.


WebPresent2Win! – Practice and Coaching

In this video you will see examples of live practice and coaching scenarios from our WebPresent2Win! workshop. This will illustrate how we ensure the skills taught in the workshop are used in the day to day web interactions that follow.


2Win! Bridge – The Buyer Research Journey

Do you perform research on your own terms before you want to talk with anyone? Check out the 2Win! Bridge buyer research journey to see how you can harness changes in buyer behavior to achieve higher close rates.


The 5 Insights of 2Win! Bridge

What is 2Win! Bridge you ask? Start here.


Wazoku Case Study

Wazuku case Study

Learn More

eBook – Our Top 5 Blog Posts


Overcoming Shyness & Using Personal Video

5 Secrets to Get Your Prospects to Devour Your Key Differentiators

Description: In this FREE 7-minute video podcast, Bob Riefstahl speaks to industry leaders about the secrets to presenting themselves and their solution in a memorable and differentiating way. Use these skills in your next demo, and you’ll be sure to stand out from your competition.

Speakers: Bob Riefstahl, Andrea Watson, Chad Wilson, Mark Sweetko, WaiOnn Tang, Pat Bonser

Date: May 2017

Being Memorable

Description: Watch this FREE 21-minute video podcast, and learn the art of Being Memorable in your next demo or presentation. Ron Kendig will teach you the key insights to make sure you are remembered long after your leave your presentation.

Speakers: Ron Kendig

Date: March 2017

Skyrocket Your Sales – Empowering Your Salesforce with Video

Description: Watch this FREE 25 minute on-demand webinar to learn the exact techniques we are using at 2Win! to drive buyer engagement using video. Steal these tips and watch your buyer engagement soar!

Speakers: Andrea Watson, Walter Dalley, Aaron Jacobs

Date: September 2016

Do Tell! (The T-S-T Technique)

Description: Watch this FREE 27 minute on-demand webinar to learn the simple but brilliant repeatable structure to use for your next Presentation or Demo that your audience won’t be able to resist!

Speakers: Ron Kendig and Aaron Jacobs

Date: August 2016

The 6 Keys to a Killer Web Presentation

Description: Watch this FREE webinar instantly to learn 6 specific methods to rock your next web presentation (and get a free Tips & Tools Swipe File with links to the gear that will make you look great!)

Speakers: Chad Wilson and Aaron Jacobs

Date: June 2016

How to use video to shorten sales cycles, close more deals faster, and look great doing it.

Description: Specific examples of how to use video to bridge common software sales gaps so customers beat a path to your front door (also a free step by step equipment list to make you look like a fancy-schmancy Hollywood production studio!)

Speakers: Bob Riefstahl & Aaron Jacobs

Date: May 2016

Rule of 24 Infographic

Rule of 24, is defined as the dramatic time compression driven by B2B stakeholders as they demand accelerated research, content, answers, and alignment in order to make a buying decision.

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The Presentation Game of Life!

Since our earliest days, we’ve been presenting. How many of these milestones do you recognize?

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