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Stay at the top of your game in 2023 with this definitive list of the must-use tools & tips that the best demo presenters and sales people are currently using.

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Storytelling PowerPoint

Sell More with Story

We’ve created a short storytelling PowerPoint you can deliver to your team or leader that lets them experience these principles at work. Take the initiative and help your team build some skills.

Download our Power of Story PowerPoint to grow your own skills or share with your team to inspire.

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Sell More with Story - Demo Training for Sales Teams

Do Tell! Webinar On Demand

By Ron Kendig and Aaron Jacobs

Watch this FREE on-demand webinar to learn the simple but brilliant repeatable structure to use for your next Presentation or Demo that your audience won’t be able to resist!

Some of the goodness you can expect:

  • Learn a repeatable template you can use to quickly create resonating messages
  • How to take your good demo or presentation to GREAT
  • How to make your message “sticky”
  • Where to land benefit statements so your audience remembers them
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