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The ​coaching challenge

Oh please, not another dry run or awkward role play scenario! Coaching your customer facing team is tough because selling in the real world is about having conversations, presentations, and demonstrations in real time with live audiences. There is an element of the unexpected that makes practice and coaching difficult to do well. The result? Many sellers, demonstrators and presenters rely on their natural ability to interact with an audience and fail to develop their full potential.

"The feedback and coaching I received was invaluable! ​Our coach was excellent, his instructions were clear, and he motivated me to be my best. I’m thankful for this opportunity to grow and continue to enhance my craft." La Keshia Neal, Senior Education Technical Consultant, Scantron

Our Solution

2Win! focuses on the specific skills and tactics that sellers and technical sellers must master in order to lead effective presentations and demonstrations. Because we’ve isolated the specific tactics that build to success, we are able to construct meaningful live, in role, practice scenarios that develop mastery and remove the awkwardness inherent in traditional role-play scenarios.