Demo2Win! Masters

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The Next Step!

Demo2Win! Masters is an advanced  program for sales and pre-sales professionals that have previously completed Demo2Win!.  Students will learn how to employ just-in-time discovery, improvisation, and objection handling techniques to manage their audience.  Similar to the rest of the 2Win! portfolio this program may be consumed on-site, online and virtually based on your organizations specific need.

“I was impressed with how rich and well-structured the presentation was as a whole. It was great to talk through a concept, put it to practice individually and then review it as a team – it just reinforced the concepts even further!”

Omead, Masters Participant

Our Solution

Demo2Win! Masters builds on the fundamentals of Demo2Win!: Attention Management, Motivation & Value, and the Tell – Show – Tell Technique to help presenters and demonstrators improve their agility and precision in front of an audience.

  • Learn

    In Demo2Win! we learned the power of using a limbic technique. In Masters, we take Limbic to the next level by looking at the construction of Limbic techniques throughout the demo, what’s the right mix, Metaphors, Numbers, Quote, Insight, etc.  We look at how can we use Limbic techniques to manage the Pivot that occurs based on improvisational discovery.

  • Develop

    As these techniques are employed, your team will be better able to pivot within their planned presentations to tailor the message specifically to the audience, uncover hidden motivations, and better direct the prospect down the buying cycle…keeping deals on track.

  • Master

    Once mastered, you team will speak to the consultative approach…sometimes more of a conversation than a product demo. There are going to be times where you look for the detour because you want to spend time in a conversation that differentiates you from the competition. It’s about connection and expertise…not product or service.