Demo2Win! Masters

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Demo2Win! Masters is an advanced  program for sales and pre-sales professionals that have previously completed Demo2Win!.  Students will learn how to employ just-in-time discovery, improvisation, and objection handling techniques to manage their audience.  Similar to the rest of the 2Win! portfolio this program may be consumed on-site, online and virtually based on your organizations specific need.

"I was impressed with how rich and well-structured the presentation was as a whole. It was great to talk through a concept, put it to practice individually and then review it as a team - it just reinforced the concepts even further!" Omead, Masters Participant

Our Solution

Demo2Win! Masters builds on the fundamentals of Demo2Win!: Attention Management, Motivation & Value, and the Tell – Show – Tell Technique to help presenters and demonstrators improve their agility and precision in front of an audience.