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Your Pro-Services Teams will Gain Techniques to Engage and add Impact to their Delivery

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The ​services challenge

Today’s top performing professional services teams operate under well-defined methodologies and tightly refined best practices. As a services professional, you have a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to deliver value to your customers. The challenge is that you are usually given less than an hour to communicate those capabilities. All too often this results in a presentation focused on the details of the methodology, not on the customer benefits of the approach.

2Win! provided an outstanding program, I wish I had it years ago.  The structure that 2Win! provides allows us to deliver a clear and concise message for a complex set of services”

Scott Kurtz

Our Solution

2Win! provides professional services teams with a structured approach that will allow you to compartmentalize a complex and complete set of services into an understandable and compelling presentation. When your team is armed with these proven tactics, they will be able to reveal the value of your portfolio in a manner that is highly differentiating.

  • Learn

    With our Engage2Win! program your team will convey the message with laser focus. And with Peform2Win! they will reach the next level of communication. Team up with the sales team  for SalesTeam2Win! to position your company as the well-oiled machine customers and prospects want to do business with!

  • Develop

    Take what you learned to the next level with a 2Win! Skill Extenders subscription. Delve deeper into subjects that just can’t be covered in a “workshop” environment. Learn at your own pace and further hone your skill set. Practice and exchange with your peers live and in role, on our powerful learning and practice platform.

  • Master

    Your consultative approach has earned you the position you hold today. Get your own personal consultant that will provide you with candid and actionable feedback. Engage our 2Win! Master Coach to help you exercise and strengthen your consultative muscles.