Rule of 24

The Future of B2B Client Engagement

Dan Conway, CEO                   Bob Riefstahl, Founder


“Rule of 24, The Future of B2B Client Engagement” which will be released in the first quarter of 2018. Our marketplace is evolving, and client expectations are changing. The Rule of 24 helps B2B companies be most effective in all mediums, video, web and in-person demos and presentations regardless of medium.  2Win!’s book The Rule of 24 is your roadmap and go-to resource to see how organizations can remain competitive, relevant and increase their edge on the competition in today’s fast-changing B2B market. Make sure you check out our “Rule of 24” Shopping list here.

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Demonstrating To Win!

“The Indispensable Guide for Demonstrating Complex Products!”

Bob Riefstahl, Founder

“A software demonstration is like leading a person over a treacherous ravine. Throughout a demo, your prospect wants to run back to the relative safety of their existing world. This book will help you comfortably lead your prospect to your software solution and make you the best demonstrator in your field!”

Bob Riefstahl
Author of Demonstrating To WIN!™

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