The struggle is real. Customer Success (CS) teams need to build executive relationships. Yet, they often get pulled into day-to-day client necessities. Here’s the challenge: the barrier for customers to exit your SaaS solution(s) is low.

It’s up to CS teams to motivate clients to adopt the stickiest parts of the solution. To establish the solution as mission critical. To reinforce your value.

And to dramatically raise the barrier to exit.


Are you asking thoughtful questions and inspiring action?

We’ll teach you to how to understand your client’s motivations and actively listen to their needs and concerns. Focusing on the outcomes of solutions rather than features. By putting the client’s needs first and becoming a trusted partner in their success, you can drive long-term results.

Can you motivative multiple stakeholders?

Motivating multiple stakeholders involves tailoring messaging that’s aligned to their role, understanding individual motivations, and building relationships. Use data and metrics to support your case and involve key stakeholders in your initiatives. By effectively communicating and collaborating, you can achieve your mutual goals.

How do you handle client frustrations?

Escalated clients aren’t going to be eager to spend more money with you. They need to feel heard, and some will require a satisfactory resolution before they even *think* about renewing. Our training program equips your CS team with the skills to empathize with customer concerns, actively listen to understand the real issue, collaborate on a solution, and then lead clients to a beneficial outcome.


We’re experts at understanding client motivations to inspire action.

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Customer Success Training

Course Overview


The struggle is real. teams need to build executive relationships. Yet, they often get pulled into day-to-day client necessities. Here’s the challenge: the barrier to exit for many SaaS solutions is low. World-class CS teams motivate clients to adopt the stickiest parts of the solution. They establish their solution as mission critical. They dramatically raise the barrier to exit. World-class CS teams preserve revenue and cultivate expansion opportunities. They go beyond adoption. They uncover new use cases. Identify growth opportunities. Create raving fans who eagerly introduce new stakeholders.


Your Success2Win program will teach Participants how to become strategic partners who deeply understand client motivations. To inspire action. Accelerate decision making. Grow their footprint.


Participants learn how to expand their influence. How to approach client conversations with genuine curiosity. How to ask thoughtful questions and inspire action. How to motivate multiple stakeholders. How to manage client frustrations. How to deliver bad news while preserving client relationships. And how to be seen as a valued advocate instead of as just a vendor.


By the end of the Participants are able to:


  • Use emotional intelligence (EQ) and professional empathy to adapt to diverse conversations.
  • Prioritize their actions to deliver key customer outcomes and ensure renewals.
  • Turn objections, frustrations or barriers into opportunities to persuade and gain influence.
  • Convince client executives of the value of their investment to drive ACV.



Session 1: Kickoff

· Improving your influence

· Building interpersonal resonance by aligning your message to stakeholder motivations

· Dos and Don’ts

Exercise: Understanding how your empathy profile impacts your communication approach


Session 2: Difficult Client Situations

· Understanding client decision making using the 2Win CDIM framework

· Uncovering unspoken motivations

· Practice difficult client situations using the 2Win FishOn framework

Exercise: Applying the CDIM Framework to prepare for a business impact conversation


Session 3: Business Impact Conversations

· Expanding reach and influence with LOB leaders

· Becoming “mission critical” to a business leader

· Practice leading Business Impact conversations using the 2Win CDIM framework

Exercise: Preparing to expand your reach and influence


Session 4: Expanding Your Access

· Building a success plan from discovery findings

· Practice using the FishOn and CDIM frameworks to gian access to LOB leaders

Exercise: Distilling your discovery information into a Success Plan


Session 5: Success Plan

· Lessons learned, personal growth moments, future application and next steps

· Groups present their Mutual Success plans and feedback is given in a Masterclass style

· Evaluation, Summary, Call to Action, Next Steps


Key Workshop Benefits
    • Understand motives of and strategically articulate pain, value and insight.
    • Strategically position conversations above features and functions to connect your value to stakeholder motivations and goals.
    • Develop team consistency with a repeatable and efficient process and structure.
    • Secure client loyalty and drive renewals and expansion.
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