What’s Your Role?

Business Development

You work hard for every lead. When one of those leads asks for a “quick demo,” you need to know that your demo will move the deal forward every time! Demo2Win will show you how to be ready at a moment’s notice to deliver a motivating demo and help you turn more prospects into leads.

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Sales-led overviews and qualifying demos require unique skills that you’ll only learn in Demo2Win! You’ll discover our secrets to moving your opportunities forward with demo techniques and strategies that close more deals.

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There is a reason why Demo2Win continues to be the global leader in teaching PreSales professionals how to differentiate their solutions and secure the technical win! Learn how to capture the minds of every type of stakeholder with demo strategies and techniques that will differentiate you, your company, and your solutions.

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Client Success

Demos led by Client Success professionals address a broad spectrum of goals. Learn how your demos will improve product utilization, manage client value drivers, and connect with individual contributors to senior executives leading to renewals, license expansion, and cross-selling solutions.

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Learn and understand the strategy and technique behind our demo methodology so you can reinforce and extend the skills your team learned in their Demo2Win fast-start workshop.

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Do you build real connections in the first minute?

Train your team on proven methods to build influence with key stakeholders. Connect the demo to their buying motivations to drive more insights, value, and differentiation.

Do you tailor your demo to every prospect’s felt needs?

We’ll train your team how to quickly determine a prospect’s felt needs and present features in terms of felt benefits. Sell more by focusing on your customer’s unique pain and your unique advantages.

Do you excel even in tough situations?

The Demo2Win methodology provides your team with a clear structure that builds agility when things don’t go as planned.


We’re the global leaders in tech sales training and you’ll see an immediate benefit in your demos.

Ben Volmer

“There are only a few moments in life that are truly life-changing.

The birth of your children, marriage and for me, I would include 2Win’s Demo2Win as one of them. It was and still is one of the most influential trainings I’ve ever been to. And it’s the only one where 20 plus years later I still have my So What sign from. If you’re serious about helping your clients be successful and want to demo in a world-class manner, you owe it to yourself to invest in any of the 2Win classes.”

Ben Vollmer | Sr. VP of Product Management | IFS World

Demo2Win Sales Training

Course Overview

Impactful. Innovative. Long-Lasting Results.

An annual program that blends continual self-paced learning with virtual, face-to-face coaching for software professionals resulting in competitive wins.

Our research reveals that 87% of respondents believe they have less time to prepare for a key demo or presentation than just four years prior. Your software professionals feel the time-pressure of B2B buyers that are anxious to decide between competitive solutions. This workshop prepares your team to respond to these pressures with clear and compelling demos and presentations that differentiate your solutions from the competition.

There are three primary components to your demo program:

Leader & Mentor Preparation

  • Provide Leaders and Mentors a concise overview of the program learning objectives and outcomes
  • Leader/Mentor meeting with 2Win lead facilitator to review the schedule for the week and to ensure mentors are fully prepared to assist in coaching the breakout rooms in Phase II
  • Resources provided: Mentor’s Mission Guide, Proficiency-based coaching guide
  • Logistics discussion, cohort planning, and Phase II launch planning

Participant Launch

Virtual Self-Paced Video Learning Lessons That Deliver:

  • Proper structure of an effective software presentation and demonstration regardless of time pressures.
  • Techniques for effectively engaging their audience, delivering benefits, and selling value during the event.
  • Engaging and professional video-based examples of best-practice techniques, skills, and structure.
  • “Demo Crimes” of the most common mistakes committed during software demonstrations and presentations.
  • Self-paced lessons and exercises that work towards goals and deadlines.

Prepare and Practice

  • Every participant is challenged to prepare, practice and deliver a presentation and demonstration built around a live opportunity and derived from the video lessons and exercises.
  • Once every student completes their exercises and practice sessions, participants gather in groups to deliver their presentation and demo.
  • For the small group workshop option, every student must present and demonstrate your solution live with their webcam.
  • In large group/master class workshops, randomly selected students present and demonstrate their solution while other participants listen and learn.

Individual Coaching

  • Immediately following each presentation, a 2Win expert provides individual coaching and just-in-time instruction. The feedback illuminates the positive and constructive elements of each presentation and becomes a platform to deepen the knowledge and skills of every participant regardless of workshop composition.
  • 2Win coaching is perfect for clients that want the benefit of individual coaching with group learning. For small group workshops, team members self-register for their small-group sessions.

Ongoing Guidance and Resourcing

  • Phase III of the program consists of four quarterly objectives. The first quarterly objective begins 30 days following each cohort’s launch. Each objective includes three monthly resource drops to prepare for a monthly mastermind session with the cohort mentor.
  • Each quarterly objective, and corresponding monthly resources, are curated by 2Win to provide specific and timely guidance to participants based on where they are in the adoption and implementation cycle.
  • Monthly resources include a 25-35 minute video podcast led by Demo2Win experts to address specific implementation techniques. These videos empower participants with everything they need to successfully implement their new skills in increasingly advanced, real-world situations.
  • Participants also receive supporting materials such as a participant’s journal, group discussion assignments, roleplay assignments (as appropriate), and dedicated peer feedback and accountability time.


Leaders’ and Mentors’ supporting materials include a Mentors Facilitation Packet (designed to enable them to facilitate the monthly mastermind sessions), a leader’s summary of the monthly podcast, group discussion questions, and mastermind meeting agendas. These best practices allow mentors to provide the amount of coaching and accountability they feel is appropriate for their cohort.

At 2Win, we know that your experts learn by being challenged in thinking, engaging, and, through practice. All of our structures, methods, and techniques are backed by extensive research and implemented using the most modern adult learning methods. As a result, the difference in the effectiveness of your team member’s demos and presentations the week after this workshop will be striking!


Self-Paced Video Learning Lesson List


  1. The 2% Factor and Preparing a High Impact Demo
  2. The Bridge Demonstrating Strategy for Persuading Audiences
  3. The Tell-Show-Tell Technique for Demonstrating Software Topics
  4. The Case for Value and Operational Benefits
  5. Demo Crimes to Avoid
  6. Instructions for Coaching Session
  7.  The “Stay Tuned” Structure of a Demo
  8. Use of a Visual Roadmap
  9. Construction of a Complete Demo Episode
  10.  Limbic Techniques for Capturing Attention
  11. The Case for Value and Value Benefits
  12. Episode Opening and Closing Methods

Professional Production Quality

Self-paced lessons use modern and engaging video production and graphics to enhance engagement and learning. Each lesson features 2Win experts that guide the students through their knowledge journey and exercise completion.

Types of Exercises

Students complete an on-line exercise after each major course section that prepares them for their live-virtual presentation. Exercises include:

  1. Selecting your opportunity for the live session
  2. Planning your Tell-Show-Tell demo topics
  3. Completing your demo structure
  4. Visually supporting your demo topics
  5. Opening and Closing your Demo Episode

Key Workshop Benefits
  • SUSTAINABLE BEHAVIOR CHANGE through successful guidance and resourcing.
  • DEVELOP LEADERS to drive team excellence in execution
  • INFLUENCE STAKEHOLDERS by aligning benefit and value statements with their motivations.
  • ELEVATE DEMOS above features and functions.
  • DEVELOP TEAM CONSISTENCY with a repeatable and efficient process and structure.
  • DIFFERENTIATE by how you demonstrate, not what you sell.
What People Say About Demo2Win

Demo2Win Testimonials:

“This was a great way to focus on me as a presenter and take time to really practice my skills.”

“This training has definitely made me a better seller. I always knew how to do demos but they were never as effective as what my team and I have done during this workshop.”

“It was tremendous. As a Client Success professional, this was one of the best training programs I’ve ever been a part of!”

“I’m extremely grateful for this experience and being able to learn how to demo like the pros! I can’t wait to use these new skills on the job.”

“As a 25-year software sales veteran, this course codified some things I was doing intuitively and connected them to new ideas to build out a complete process. Thanks!”

Virtual Training Options

What makes our virtual training different?

Engineered to Deliver Long Lasting Results – Demo2Win is an annual program that modernizes how your team learns and applies winning demo tactics and methodologies. The program consists of three distinct phases: leadership preparation, participant launch, and ongoing guidance and resourcing. This innovative approach to training ensures the winning skills your participants learn in the launch phase of the mission become long-lasting behavioral changes, safeguarding your investment and providing continual returns.

  • Designed with Virtual in Mind –  Most skills-based training companies have implemented virtual training with exhausting lectures and slide-sharing. Not 2Win! We architected and purpose-built our virtual training courses to be flexible, impactful, and practical. Uniquely designed for an online training format.
  • Proven Satisfaction – Our virtual training satisfaction scores are equivalent to our in-person scores. We’re keeping pre-sales, sales, and client success engaged that results in an immediate impact your team’s effectiveness.
  • Masterful Virtual Delivery and Coaching – No technical difficulties. No sound quality issues. No excuses.
  • Quality Development and Production  – Our lessons and exercises are bite-sized and easy to digest. We use high-quality video, graphics, and activities to create a learning experience that is interesting, challenging, and educational.
  • Grow at Your Own Pace – We scale globally for even the largest enterprises and audiences.
  • A Unique Take on Virtual Training – 2Win! virtual training offers a combination of user-friendly mobile tools, web-enabled video platforms, and virtual coaching so your most expensive resources gain immediate and long-lasting benefit to your strategic goals.

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  • What is the length of Demo2Win! Participant Launch?

    • Demo2Win Virtual Launch is delivered in 2 phases. Phase 1 is where you will complete the self-paced online learning and exercises. This phase will take approximately 6-8 hours in total, and we recommend you complete this phase over a two-week period. Phase 2 includes your demonstration practice and coaching sessions where you will attend 5 hours of group coaching sessions, with each session lasting 2.5-hours. These sessions are typically delivered on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. During group coaching sessions you will receive individual coaching and learn from other group member demos and coaching.
  • What do I need to complete before my coaching session?
    • The capstone experience of Demo2Win Virtual is your live practice and coaching session. The self-study videos and exercises provide you everything you need to prepare for your coaching session, and it is required that you complete this material BEFORE your first coaching session. To maximize the outcomes of this course come to your first coaching session prepared to deliver your demo, in role, to your coach and fellow participants.
  • How long does my demo need to be?
    • Your demo should be approximately 12-15 minutes in total length and should include an opening, two demonstration topics, and a closing. The video instruction will provide you the specific techniques for each element, and at the completion of your practice exercises, you will have your entire demo ready to go.
  • What are the Leader and Mentor Responsibilities?
    • It is a well-known fact that organizations that develop a culture of regular coaching and feedback outperform those that provide haphazard or irregular feedback. The challenge is that while front-line managers are able to coach on internal company products and processes, they lack the resources and experience to provide meaningful coaching on skill development. That’s why we are intentional about preparing front-line managers and high-performing individual contributors to serve as mentors throughout the program. This requires about two hours of upfront investment to learn how to coach in the exercises (alongside your 2Win Master Coach) in the breakout rooms. Mentors attend the daily Masterclass coaching sessions during their cohort launch. Following the launch phase, the mentors are prepared to lead the remaining 12 monthly mastermind sessions with their cohorts. Each monthly session requires approximately one hour to prepare and facilitate. Of course, mentors are provided with additional resources they can use at their discretion to further enhance these monthly sessions.
  • Does virtual demo training really work?
    • That’s a fair question! Most of the online training delivered in a corporate environment is far too generic and not well made. Demo2Win is different. This is a highly curated curriculum built specifically for you as someone who demonstrates complex solutions. Participant feedback is consistently excellent with average satisfaction scores of 4.9 on a 5.0 scale resulting in a marked improvement in demo and presentation skills and effectiveness.
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